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I like imagining things and self/me times are very much significant to me. They’re like my golden treasures and making my mind wander into nothingness is probably when it is most productive. Keeping me company and making me survive this introversion is what this, is all about.

Pop music used to be my thing but I guess it just comes with age that preferences change. Music is an essential part of my being and for me, it serves a different purpose. I believe that music allows me to go into myself more, it speaks for and to me, and I know it’s extreme but it certainly occupies a part of my soul.

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Passive Me, Aggressive You is the debut studio album (released in September 2010) of the alternative rock band from New Zealand, The Naked And Famous. The first time I heard the single Young Blood (probably around early 2011) I seriously went nuts because the music caught me up right away. But for the longest time I’ve been wondering what that song was and I was getting anxious already for I didn’t know how would I be able to dig it down. The only thing I knew about it was its melody and nothing else. I started hearing it on the radio — I could not ever forget, Good Times With Mo on Magic 89.9 (which by the way is hosted by the best radio jock in Manila, Mo Twister) — and I was so in love. It is so good, so nice to the ears that it was also being played in different American series and movies. It was happiness when finally the nameless geniuses behind this awesomeness are now identified and I am still so obsessed up until this day. Seriously how can your system flush down such beautiful music??

All the songs included in the album were written and composed by Thom Powers, Alisa Xayalith and Aaron Short. Here is the full track list:

  1. All Of This 3:55
  2. Punching In A Dream 3:58
  3. Frayed 3:46
  4. The Source 0:48
  5. The Sun 3:56
  6. Eyes 4:43
  7. Young Blood 4:06 — debuted number one in the New Zealand Singles Chart
  8. No Way 5:29
  9. Spank 4:10
  10. Jilted Lovers 3:15
  11. A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing 3:14
  12. The Ends 1:49
  13. Girls Like You 6:04
  14. Machinery (Bonus) 2:35

I like the whole album (and the music of The Naked And Famous in general) because I found a connection to it, it brings me to a place (every single time) that even if I don’t know exactly where I’m headed the intention of going back doesn’t surface at all. I’m lost and it feels so good.

That is why it felt even better when I got a snap from them greeting me a Happy Birthday on my special day! I definitely won’t forget!

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