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Since it’s about zombies, the guys went crazy upon hearing about World War Z. Upon hearing it stars Brad Pitt, that’s when I started going crazy. I watched the trailer before but actually got confused because I had not seen any zombies!

So on its opening week, when some friends who have already seen it were pushing me to see it already, I did! Plus being an avid fan of The Walking Dead, I really should not miss this! I actually made myself ready because they were telling me that my muscles would be clenched the whole time. And that I have to hold on real tight because their popcorns flew everywhere.

Gerry Lane making pancakes is one of the best scenes in the movie (all others being the rest). Why would not it be when it’s Brad Pitt and his long hair makes him even more godly. But seriously the first few minutes you gotta keep your cool because you would not know when to scream and shout. Even if I have already seen it I think I would still react the same — my scarf was wrapped in me like a blanket the whole time!! It was Friday and it was supposed to be a night to unwind but I gave myself something to stress about. The good kind of stress I mean.

Prepare to get pissed due to some stupidity that might (or actually) have caused troubles. But above all prepare your heart, because Brad Pitt will look into your eyes from time to time so be demure. *heee*

If you’re on a dilemma, weighing between Man Of Steel and World War Z, just choose between Henry Cavill and Brad Pitt and it would be easy.

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