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  • My almost a year old but unused domain (but now it’s being used, all hail to my genius web developer slash cousin Ryo)
  • Holiday wishes and resolutions that were never listed
  • Encounter with the French consul who stamped my passport with rejection
  • That close, almost happened trip to the City of Lights moved to the right timing
  • A failed major decision but who cares I burn pennies (it’s a joke okay, and I wish it wasn’t)
  • Dream came true when I wrote my first article for a magazine (which I haven’t seen in flesh yet)
  • The big family reunion
  • Big loans for nothing
  • Getting rid of the weirdos
  • Arguments
  • Last week’s workaholism
  • Red Wedding not sinking in
  • My all time NBA team being in the finals
  • Tengo and Aomame
  • Pending thoughts

Aaah. My head is aching. A list of a good amount of could have been subjects if not for my unexpected and quite long hiatus. In bullets, that sums it all up. We’ll talk about them (in no particular order) in the coming days. The original plan was, I continue writing down while we (me and the genius web developer slash cousin Ryo) work behind the scenes of this dot com that was supposed to go live by December of the previous year. But now I could not recall what the issues were that it’s June and it looks like there wasn’t really much going on here.

Truth is, I’ve really been working. From what to name it, how to present it and everything in between. My always fickle mind have been a huge part of every decision that was made, and in the end there was nothing final. We’ve changed layouts a number of times, imported, deleted, imported and deleted contents again and again. It must have been awful working with me, I knew in my head that would sort of happen (yay) because ever since that’s what always happened. But here we are anyway — I wrote this and you’re reading this (awkward smile).

I’ve always intended to get rid of random/weird entries (like this) whenever I put up a new web space and oh my gosh I wish this would be the freaking last one (because man this is paid *heee*). I would like to think that I learned from my 2005 blogging experiences and I wanted a more “public worthy” and decent space, one that won’t make me put it into private after years due to a realization that it’s not public worthy after all. But then I always end up thinking and writing randomly so I would stop getting rid of indeed random entries because I have learned to accept that it’s just how my mind goes sometimes and it’s part of my self-proclaimed writer life. From this day on, there are gonna be no restrictions, everything that’s gonna come out of this space in the web are human. No more changing, no more moving. I am freeing my thoughts.

How timely it is that today, we are celebrating our independence. Mabuhay Philippines!

Welcome to my world (again), hello from me and the tiger in my tank.

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