Cebu has always been one of the cities that are on my list of places to visit ever since. It is indeed a very beautiful and rich haven of the Philippine history, an embodiment of development and a perfect balance of city and rural life. I actually believe it is ideal to live there, if only there are no considerations needed to take I would probably hop in the plane and fly to the Queen City of the South.

On my first travel without family, no doubt it was it that I have chosen to go to. I fell in love with the place so much that today for #FlashbackFriday (not really for it but for the sake of the freaking hashtags — I also don’t know why I have to do that but whatever hahaha) I am going to re-share the trip! Here’s an excerpt (well actually it’s the whole thing but technically it’s a part so) from my post two years ago:

February 11, 2011

It was the day of our flight. We headed to Manila Domestic Airport, had dinner and then boarded in. I don’t have pictures in the airport so yeah. It was an hour or so flight. At around 10pm we landed at Mactan International Airport, then headed to Bru’s place. We stayed with the relatives of one of our friends, Gladys. Right when we just introduced ourselves to the people of the place we were about to stay in, we went out and went straight to IT Park.

February 12, 2011

The next day, we headed out to explore the rich, historical city of Mactan. Of course, we could not miss the famous Basilica de Sto. Nino.

L-R: Bru, Gladys, Lizzie, me and Jane

L-R: Ken, Gladys, Lizzie, Ian and me

Manila Girls

Lovers in Cebu

Our next stop was the very historical Magellan’s Cross. I was really in awe for setting foot on that very place which I have been seeing on books and television was just, so surreal. Man, it was so cool!

After that, we headed to The Philippine Taoist Temple. Everything in there were very nice to the eyes. It was amazing.

February 13, 2011

We were supposed to catch a boat trip to Bacolod that day but unfortunately, there were no tickets available. Maybe because some reserved early for the Valentines Day. So we decided to island hop instead. You may not believe me when I say this, but that was my very first time to go to the beach!! I swear!

I actually don’t remember the name of the islands we went to but we have been able to visit three. I was having fever that time but that couldn’t hinder me from enjoying. Look!

I even managed to swim! The others didn’t want to dip their feet in the water. Me already!

After the island hop, we went back to the beach and enjoyed the rest of the day. We have agreed to do some slight drinking session while on the boat, well, to maximize the rent. Hehe!




After a long day, we headed back home and continued the party for next day will be our flight back to Manila. We bonded, shared stories and made the most out of the time that’s left for us there.


Here’s to more trips (to be reposted *wink*) and to look forward to!! So many places to go to, so many pictures to take, so many people to meet!

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