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I have always confessed that there’s a boy’s/guy’s/man’s blood within me. My dad wanted his first born to be such and this has been a normal expectation, all dads want to be sure that their last names would be handed down to generations. And even after I came out to the world, he just could not get over the fact that what they first had is a girl. He still bought cars that transform into robots and surprisingly they clicked to me. I have a guy cousin who’s older than me so Papa decided to give the toy car to him. When I realized that it was gone, I cried and cried that he was obliged to take it back. And that is why today (Filipino time), I was shaking my head.

That black jersey, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker have always been what and whom I have been cheering for in the NBA. I also could not tell how or why, but there’s no other team I could “fan” the way I fan these guys.


It was year 2007 when we have last seen them in the finals (wherein they did a really good job) so when I found out that they’re back this year, I just knew that there’s no game to miss. Besides it’s undeniably tiring and boring to cheer for a team I don’t really fan because (of course) my heart and my soul don’t really belong to whatever that team is.

The Spurs are so strong but they don’t appear like they are (I don’t know, that’s just me maybe). They have always been the team with that relaxed aura — sometimes they seem like the underdog — but true enough that you should not underestimate because you don’t know that beneath those humble faces lie the true blood of veteran champions.

To be fair with Miami Heat, there is really no question about what they can do. They have that dominant personality as a team that the only thing left for them to do is to literally eat their opponents alive. They are so dominating that it spreads up to their fans worldwide, the fans love them so much and it’s actually amazing that they do not think twice when trash talking with everyone. What’s even more amazing is that, they cannot say (they even get annoyed sometimes or most of the time) that Lebron James is the one bringing the team. I mean, what is wrong with liking Lebron if you’re ready to kill for Heat anyway.


Of course I am not as knowledgeable as my guy friends who know almost every man in every team and every single detail about this sport. But I am fond of watching — from collegiate leagues to professional basketball — even if sometimes I don’t understand and that the facial expressions of the coaches and players are my only bases of reaction. At least I do admit that.

The series was great. I have always believed in the three big men but honestly speaking I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if the series would even last until Game 7. So when the first game went to Spurs, that’s when my spirits were lifted up. I knew then that Heat would take Game 2, then Spurs for Game 3, Heat would make Spurs pay back on Game 4, Game 5 for Spurs, Game 6 for Heat, and then Game 7 would be do or die.

Game 7 was like a blank state, the numbers they got the whole series weren’t bearing anything. It was crazy because my guys were leading, and that when Heat started stepping up in the second half didn’t make me feel nervous at all. Around twenty minutes to play was long enough. When we were down to the last 2 minutes and Heat was up by 2, it was still so easy. I mean it was just one shot! But when the errors were coming, I couldn’t help but get pissed. It was a crazy game!! Dropped everything we were doing (I was at work by the way) and it was annoying that the Heat fans (as they say they are haha) started talking in an in-your-face manner. But anyway it’s not like the abilities of my big guys have changed, not even how I fan them. It was really great to see them back in the finals and it just goes to show that through the years they are still the best San Antonio Spurs for me.

Congratulations Lebron James and to the Miami Heat!

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