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Joffrey's Name Day. A joust fight is in progress. Tyrion returns from battle . Intrp Ser Dontos.

One of my most hated characters of all time. I really don’t understand how and why in the world he managed to be present up to the latest season. He’s caring, mature and very much deserving of the Iron Throne. I mean, he deserves to be ironed in the face, be thrown into the woods and get double dead when the wolf eats his head. Iron Throne. Until now I cannot believe that his heart had been taken away from him at his very young age, and that he had the guts to order the killing of Lord Eddard Stark for the sake of his ego. Even if two years have passed, the episode Baelor still holds a huge impact on me. Every time I think about Joffrey Baratheon laughing I want to crush him but my time would be spent more productively if I would cry over Ned. I hope he gets resurrected.

So when the Red Wedding happened, the first time I saw it I did not know how to react–I watched it twice and that’s where all of it sunk in (I did not had a third time because I might break down already). When the big door was locked, when Lady Catelyn saw the chainmail under Roose Bolton’s robe, everything just went by fast. I could not measure the pain Talisa felt when her womb was being stabbed around a dozen times. The arrows went here and there, I just went doe-eyed when Robb was shot left and right. Lady Catelyn too. Everything is clear in my imagination right now, and my hands are trembling, my heart beating fast–I am freaking serious.

It dawned on me when Robb was crawling towards his wife’s body, and this had started me crying because the last two episodes before that they were madly in love with each other. I cannot wait for their little one to be born and be the next King of the North. Lady Catelyn was so brave but it was a really terrible situation, I knew Walder Frey wouldn’t care for his wife. I wonder if he even remembers her name. And I choked and was shocked (as in I really think my mouth was opened and crying inside) when Robb said “Mother” and holy chamoley Bolton stabbed him to death I swear he will be slaughtered in the future! And there was nothing more I was able to say when Lady Catelyn’s throat was cut shortly after, I just decided that I wanted to have my cut throat as well and be with the Starks wherever they will be next. *sad face 1000x*



I know the way I said all of that was like a whining baby but seriously I am affected like that. I even wore black the last three days. Haha. It’s been two years since Ned was executed, I haven’t moved on how much more for the way Robb, Lady Catelyn and the men of Winterfell. Winterfell fell.

I sound like a crazy fan because I am such a crazy Starks fan. And I cannot accept the fact that the house that just went down before my very eyes is the house where I belong, the only house where people are noble and genuine. The Rains of Castamere had not been bumped off at the top of my attention, not even the finale was able to.

April 2014 is far from now, but at least I have a year to weep over my brothers and plot a strategy for revenge.

I wonder if anyone feels the same?

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