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They love you when they need you
But someday you’re gonna need to find
some other kind of place to go
But you never leave

I’ve stopped relying on hit charts for my listening purposes a few years back. For one, I’ve lost that “pastime” thing since I could remember, I don’t even have a clear knowledge of program schedules on the televesion and radio anymore. My ears diverted from being a pop listener to being an alternative rock/indie music lover. Thanks to YouTube Featured columns, sidebar adventures are now my thing. And also I won’t forget 8 Tracks, such a genius.

The bus’ windowpane and my iPod were my bestfriends (other than my shoulders for my head to rest on whenever I was in dreamland) when I was touring around Japan last week. That explains the week long absence, I bet. But you must know in all trips (legit vacations or just plain on the way to work/home road trips) it always works the same for me — earplugs + iPod + sleep.

My playlist consists of everything I got from my everyday sidebar adventures, I love listening to songs with titles you can’t mention at once. I don’t know, it feels cool to me. It makes me feel like I’m in some sort of a movie scene where I get out of the town I live in because my love interest and I got into a fight. There’s no more time to say goodbye so I just cry in the bus and he realizes I’m gone so he comes after me and then we’ll be back again. Lol. But seriously that’s how I think when I’m alone. I’m so into my reading fictions/movie and series marathons/indie music sprees that I think of my life that way.

So I fell in love with Constant Conversations. In one of the moments when it played I sat straight (because I was slouching) and felt everything what he was saying. I felt the shadow of the trees on my face, moving along as we hit the road. It gave me a feeling of infinity — the Perks Of Being A Wallflower kind of infinity — that if only I was literally alone or with my closest friends I would get up the roof.

Then I looked it up over and found out that it’s a song about “alcohol-induced paranoia”, but I wasn’t drunk. I was in the bus, looking at the window, watching the trees move along, their shadows sway on my face. And I felt infinite.

P.S. The St. Lucia Remix is the bomb.

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