Dreams do come true. This dot com is one of the many living proofs that have been granted to me, thanks to my genius slash web developer slash cousin Ryo. I’m such a lucky girl, really. And I could never ever figure out how to express my overwhelming gratitude about the great things that happened to my twenty three years of existence. I mean, I was/am happy with my fantasies. Up until now, everything seems to be so surreal. My awesome job (it will always be one of my greatest blessings because — I am a Psychology major, not Communication Arts and yet I am here), this blog that I am able to sustain despite the hectic schedules, the places that I went to, and this one is the latest.


I’ve always been a reader of magazines (girly and fashion magazines — Candy, Seventeen, Meg, Chalk, Cosmopolitan to name a few) and to write for these magazines (or any, whatever it doesn’t matter) has always been one of my wildest dreams. As in, I would walk mileages to make this happen but back then, I didn’t know where to start. It was a plan and the actions to be made were still being plotted on the board. I was seeing myself writing legitimately maybe at the age of thirty, but that was okay for me. My dreams being dreams until right timings for each of them comes are not a problem to me.

But the good heavens were amazing and have been so kind to me, I never thought it would be this fast. I never thought it would be walking its way to me. So I wrote.


When I got the copy, I wasn’t really entertaining the excitement because I haven’t opened the cover yet. So when I saw my name, *OMG ASDFGHJKL!!!* it actually did not sink in yet. Hahaha. It took me 24 hours to figure out that I was seeing the real thing. That that write up was my work. And that’s my name. *face palm*

I am only used to publishing my own work (hitting the Publish button whenever my entries are ready) but never with other people doing it for me. I said, “so this is how a published writer feels.” The most priceless thing in this milestone is not seeing my face on that page (because trust me it’s actually the most awkward, hahaha) but that name on the list of Contributing Writers. I know to the big names out there I am being shallow but this is madness to me. Can’t think of an even nicer word because as I write this, even after a few days I still can’t believe that my work is in one of the magazines on those racks. I am so overwhelmed.

To the humblest MJ Esteban and to the rest of the staff of the amazing Tweak Magazine, thank you for giving me this opportunity, it’s not just an opportunity but you helped me made one of my dreams come true! I have always been honest with that, MJ!

Get yourself a copy of the latest issue of Tweak Magazine for more information about the coolest gadgets in the market. Plus, it’s the fresh Daniel Padilla who’s on the cover! Tweak is available at all leading bookstores.

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