I know the last entry was short, so today I am feeding you with a lot of experience. Our second day in Japan was fully maximized, and even if it meant a whole day of walking it was all okay. Japan has so much to offer and they were really admirable — their rich culture, their courtesy and their breathtaking country to name a few.

We explored the provinces, and the first agenda for that day was the Pirate Ship Cruise in Lake Ashi.





From Earl 5

From Earl 4




We were so amazed with the ship because I tell you, it was literally drifting! Drifting as in like, Tokyo Drift!

After a short encounter with the lake was the mountain’s turn — Owakudani Hell Valley (“Great Boiling Valley”). It’s where the famous black eggs are boiled from sulphur, and it is believed that for every egg eaten will add up seven years to your lifetime! Eat two you’ll have fourteen more!




It was not only about black eggs, it was about black vanilla ice cream too!

From Ate Mina 12

Even everyone’s favorite Hello Kitty was up there too! So kawaii!


Day two was such a long day that we are not even yet at the half! Imagine how longer you’d have to stay in this page just to see what else happened and how my poor feet was able to keep up.

And with that said, you’ll have to find out about that in my next post! Teehee, sorry for being such a kill joy but I strongly believe that the more something is being prolonged, the more the anticipation. Hashtag say whut.

Happy weekend!

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