It really looks like the one in the west at first glance, a plain replica. I was so lucky (Daft Punk is playing right now hence the usage of the word and the title you notice) that I was able to see it with its lights on. Unfortunately, there were no photos because again this was when I went back to the hotel at 3 in the morning. Oh well at least my eyes know for sure they’ve seen it at night.

In the morning, I still got the chance to see it up close and personal. And when I was there, the thought that it was actually an imitation (according to the very charming tour guide Okawa-san, oooh I miss him *sad face*) was gone. I mean, it revealed its own identity, it showed itself as who (or what for that matter) it really is — Tokyo Tower.

And yes the one in comparison was the Eiffel in Paris.


I swear to the heavens it really made me feel Japan, Tokyo in particular! It was not like it was just a rip off of the European tower, and it was beautiful as well!


Me and Angeluuuhh, both in navy blue shouting Arriba inside (lol and I’m more faithful, choz)


Eminem (oh em I look so slim here haha)


Ate Twodster my love


The forest execution

From Ate Mina 1


The very courteous Okawa-san. Such an optimistic individual!


Kids in uniform having their flag ceremony


After Tokyo Tower we visited the Asukasa Temple and did our last minute shopping at Nakamise Street!


From Ate Mina 4



From Ate Mina 6

Ate Michee and I walking along

From Earl 2

The newly built Sky Tree which is actually taller than the Tokyo Tower


I actually missed walking around these nice pedestrian lanes as I write all these posts, and I’m glad to share my experiences with you. It’s awesome getting around and familiar with a different culture than yours. Not only you get to slash off these places on your bucket list but you also get to y’know, some sort of criticize your kind and become aware of what you might need to improve on yourselves (self characteristics and surroundings maybe). In another note, you also get to become prouder with who you are and where you’re coming from.

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