I am never the brave and courageous type but I have a thing for horror movies. I guess I’m both a masochist and a sadist in a way — I know it would be hard for me to take something really scary and I know I will scream and scratch the one beside me when the scenes are getting too frightening but I go on anyway. OMG I just realized I am the horror in the movie house.


The first time I saw the trailer of The Conjuring was in the office, with the office mates of course and we’ve been scaring each other and anticipating the movie since. It was similar to Insidious, which scared the hell out of me I swear it’s the most intense horror film I have ever seen in my entire life!! I seriously had second thoughts (after watching) whether the people around me were actually alive. Holy mother, that Further and the Red Door haunted me for weeks!

So I was really scared before and while watching The Conjuring, anxiety attacked because of too much anticipation of the moomoo scenes. I was gripping the arm rest tightly thinking that every time the camera moves to the side of the door, the monster would go out. But that was because of the warnings I got.

The freaking Hide and Clap game almost set the peak, if only the hands behind the closet pulled Carolyn. That could have made her scream and April would panic, and everyone would scream more.

It was a chance to prove that it’s really something had the reflection got near Lorraine and made a face when she turned the knob of the music box. Moreso when Drew was looking for April in the dark, he could have had encounters even just a bit, but I think that moment was meant for Brad when the maid was telling him, “She made me do it!!” It could have made my heart race more if she screamed at his face, thus giving her and her make-up more exposure.

I’m not being a brave wanna be here, in fact I was so scared like crazy. Though I expected more from the doll — like it would haunt me the way The Man With The Fire On His Face did. The Conjuring was indeed thrilling but those who think they can’t take it can.

Looking forward to Insidious Chapter 2!

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