I always say time runs so fast (sounds familiar) but it just hit me recently that it really does. It can also be because I am in denial — I am in that stage of my life where I honestly don’t wanna age. I am still seventeen.

This post might reveal my immaturity and selfishness (I figured that out as I was conceptualizing the content) but I am willing to take that risk because this is definitely worth it. And I have to admit it was hard to come up with a title, which is why I’m almost resorting to Google but I thought I shouldn’t hence the boring one.

When I saw her Facebook post some time in June, I got shocked because it was something that has never crossed my mind yet (I mean for myself personally). Well maybe it did, it does, but it just literally drops by and I always shoo it away. I am still crazy about my wardrobe. I still want to rush to the mall and get everything on the shelf. I still want to travel without thinking about anyone else other than myself. It’s still all about myself. See, that’s the selfishness I am talking about. Self + fish = me.

Then came the invites, and us friends joked around like we used to in college. Yes, we were bullies. But just to clarify, we bully each other in thy faces and everyone is treated equally — I am a fish. High school was a different story.

Until it happened last Sunday, and it was for real.

Photos courtesy of Glen Candelario


Our friend has settled down and is taking it to the next level.

It had also been a mini reunion for us the psychotic friends and seeing them always reminds me of the other world that I belong to. That we’re still teens but this venue just negates that and I have to wake up from my dream. Lol I really can’t believe we’re already in Erik Erickson’s Intimacy vs. Isolation stage of Psychosocial Development.

One of the boys (or Ian one of the girls — HAHAHA)



Camwhores forever







The ceremony has not even started and we consumed like half of the camera’s memory card already. I love that we aren’t changing!









L-R: Pilo, Harold, Mily, Zara and yours truly, Fish


I am now confused whether I am writing about Uche and Chris’ wedding or our craziness. Let us now move forward.

Our Maid of Honor – Pigg!





Weddings are touching because love is the reason why and how it truly happens.

I always cry in this portion: Parents and bride marching to the altar



The pinch is just different when we talk about family – parents in particular.

Here are more photos:










Getting married for me requires a lot of strength and confidence to be able to endure everything — all the questions, doubts — and of course the readiness of both parties. It’s amazing because no one would tell you if you’re with the right person, and it’s a risk to entrust your life with someone you just met yet love really moves in mysterious ways. You’re just gonna wake up one day and you’re sure.








Congratulations Mr. Chris and Mrs. Uche Zialcita! We’re always here for you <3

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