I have embraced the city life, I love the lights and I have accepted that traffic is part of each day but the south has always been something that’s encrypted to my being. There’s this certain space that allows me to breathe in the good vibrations and breathe out the toxicities.

Mall is still the hang out place, but there’s just this very laid back feeling that sets the south apart from the metro even if it’s just a toll away.



I grew up here, and it feels so weird at the same time giggly that the Satur-date was in my territory! Haha, Makati is the place to be we always say, but sometimes I just have to say that nobody does better than the south.


So we were our weird selves again and played! He the feeling professional photographer and me the waley fashyown blah-ger.










We ate at the ever reliable Pepper Lunch!! Always been one of the best comfort restaurants on our list!

Teriyaki beef with egg


Chicken curry with cheese



I just gotta take this chance when I don’t feel that shy.



We keep on complaining we have gotten so fat the past few years but we already know that the main reason is that our eating habits is really a habit. Why desserts need to be caffeinated after a heavy sizzling meal, I don’t understand.


It had been such a happy day (like we never do it all the time haha but the hell) — fooling and goofing around but it still felt so relaxing! You know corporate people need this kind of distressing sometimes. I mean, all the time.

People in the south usually go out in comfortable clothes — basic top, shorts, flip-flops or sneakers. My weekdays are for the CBD, so on weekends I really go for that “south” look.


It was good news when I learned about J&M, a line of footwear which specializes on cloth shoes. J&M is a product of creativity of a Hong Kong businessman who studied in Europe for a long time. Because of the popularity of cloth shoes, J&M has expanded its reach all throughout China, the US, Singapore, Korea, Israel, Italy, Greece, Iran, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Our country has transformed its fashion scene as of late, and the streets have become instant locations for on-ground photoshoots — for this post, I am guilty and for some in here too. With the brand’s aim to widen more of its scope in Asia, J&M has landed to the shores of the Philippine archipelago.

Being one who can’t pull off six-inched heels all the time, these cloth shoes are really blessings from the heavens! Created from pro-comfort materials, they would certainly allow you to jump around (see how I do it?) while still being stylish. It’s perfect for us working yuppies and in-for-fashion students who leads a fast-paced lifestyle since they can be worn with almost anything! You just need to let out that “fashyown” in you and you’re set to accomplish everything!!

Plus, they have a lot of designs to choose from so you can definitely get one that will suit your personality!



5032W (Apricot)

J&M branches are located at Robinson’s Department Stores, Cagayan de Oro Centrio and Robinson’s Place Manila.

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