Our Facebook and Instagram accounts got a little soaked in cheese three days ago when the tubbywubby and I’s togetherness turned half a decade. Can’t believe it’s been five years, and seriously, who would have ever thought? Well that’s between me and the dark ages.

Like I said, we were never the type who would go public on social networking sites — those mushy mushy photo albums or random timeline posts with heart emoticons — and even with just ourselves. Goofing around like girl-boy BFFs and splitting food into equal halves are our thing. We see each other everyday but boys night outs and girls day outs are always allowed. Knees don’t shake when asking permission, in fact there are no permissions required, we just need to get both other parties informed. We’re pretty unconventional, and aside from being destined for each other (big word!), this would be one of the many reasons why we don’t feel like we’ve been on each other’s side for 1,828 days. Five years and it still feels like the first time. //hearts.

We never really planned anything (as in none at all) so what a surprise when the moment we met at dinner time the Iannymous already knew where to go. The last four years we were like, okay let’s go. He told me to just follow so I did.

He brought me to Mesa Filipino Moderne in Greenbelt 5 since we both came from work (and in my case it’s just a few walks away). So funny because I also had Filipino food for lunch the same day with my office mates, but I ain’t complaining. Insert smile here.

It was my first time at Mesa that’s why I’m writing about it and yes this isn’t about our anniversary. Oopsie.

Our attention got caught by the Drunken Ostrich. It’s not everyday that you get to encounter dishes like this so we just had to try it. And it was not a bad decision, we liked it! Tastes like beef!


I started working out last month and so I am on the nth attempt to lessen my carbohydrates intake but I guess I really am a lover of rice. I wasn’t able to resist! Plus this one’s got a whole twist with basil being the selling point to the both of us alongside the duck. This Duck Basil Fried Rice is definitely a must try!


Never in my entire life that I was able to ignore chicken! So when we saw Chicken Barbeque in Honey Patis on the menu, we just had to order a plate! Yum!


Everything we had were all good but this one’s got to be my favorite! It looks like chicken nuggets (which are my favorite) but it’s not just all about appearance. These cakes are shrimp patties skewered with asparagus and comes with sauce, making it more sumptuous.


We really enjoyed our dinner and I think Mesa has just been added to our staple restaurants! Not only we were satisfied with their food but with their service as well. Their staff were nice, they’ve been smiling the whole time and they were really accommodating. Their ambiance is not too intimidating and they have nice furniture. I like that even if they are clear about serving Filipino cuisine, they did not translated it too literally (like having bamboos as glasses, walls weaved and banana leaves as plates to name a few) and they opted for a modern interior which carried more edginess.

On another note, I was kidding when this is not really about our anniversary because it still is! How can I just put these five beautiful years of my life on the side? I’ve always been happy since and if you were to ask me that if I would be given a chance to go back, I would not have it any other way. This crazy is really the one for me, I knew it from the start. Eeeeck!


Here’s to the start of our journey towards the 2,000 day mark! Thank you for always putting up with the weirdo and the little child in me (whichever is worse). That maybe true (I admit that it is) but if there’s one thing that this child is capable of, that is loving this man with all of her heart. Kisses!

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