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When Ava Hessington walked in the Conference Room, (well as a Game of Thrones die hard, who I saw was Lady Catelyn) it was nothing but amazement. Seeing her in a different look is quite exciting, and she is ravishing, I must say. Michelle Fairley is.

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Her voice is a sound of a beautiful, fierce and strong woman — her trademark, who she really is. But I never thought this voice could make up a season. The whole Suits Season 3 revolved around her case, which was both hooking and more than dramatic.

Fairley and Hills’ (Conleth) presence are being maximized as GOT fans fused with theirs. Good selling point, but as one myself, it’s a bit awkward because the Stark voice is meant for Winterfell as much as Hill’s being stout and his robes are meant for whichever clan he would stick himself to in the next [GOT] season.

The great Harvey Specter — his logic, skills and guts, — the way I see it, is being tested here more than usual. It’s a good thing we get to know him more and even better that we get to dig more of his brilliant mind. The other side for me though, is that it’s kinda making me think (or if anyone else here thinks the same) it’s taking him long to resolve this case when in the first two seasons a case is just worth one episode.


Mike Ross has crashed Cameron Dennis’ lair several times, he even had Harvey as an alternate. Clifford had also been an accessory, but it wasn’t enough to get through the walls of Dennis and I don’t think they would, not if they did not bring Huntley to the court. There were days when they almost lost it.

Maybe the clash with Daniel Hardman had been the benchmark of what is intense (not to mention Harvey and Travis Tanner’s), probably the reason why the current situation between Edward Darby and Jessica Pearson is not making that much noise.

On the other side of the coin, Mike’s relationship with Rachel Zane is not so bad but not so good (to me) either. I never wanted to be biased because you know I like Jenny Griffith, but seriously this thing between Mike and Rachel is just filled with so much emotion. And (again in my opinion) being petty like high school students does not fit the restless world in Pearson Darby Specter. I find using the fact that “your-daughter-is-my-girlfriend” as a bullet an act of desperation. But acting like a real drama queen after finding out about it is just so annoying.

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I like Louis Litt — he’s awesome in a way not everyone sees — but he whined like a baby when he sued Nigel Nesbitt. Seriously?? That mock trial was an absolute waste of time. But no hard feelings. I like getting #LittUp especially now that he and Harvey has won Tony Gianopoulos. They maybe like Tom and Jerry, but they’re the dream team to beat.

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One of the many things that keeps me glued to this firm is the one and only Donna Paulsen. She’s so bright and really extraordinary. I mean, who doesn’t want an assistant like her? And who doesn’t dig her locks?

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Harvey and Donna have always been so cute together but I personally believe they’re better off the way they are. It’s more giggling when they show care for each other without actually saying that they are! What could be sweeter than the act of Harvey hitting Stephen in the face?

Suits has got to be one of the best series I have ever followed and what joy the fact that it’s Tuesday brings me! It’s just that, the saying that nothing/nobody is perfect, is true. I know Ava Hessington’s case against Pearson Darby Specter will be won or dismissed, for sure.

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