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I’ve never been a fan, not even of her Hannah Montana days (although I have to admit, I sang along The Climb). It’s me being the non-conformist (or a hipster at that) I guess, that when everyone seemed to be crazy about Miley Cyrus’ getting the best of both worlds, I did not care.

When she landed the role of being Ronnie for The Last Song, I thought there was someone else more suited to play, I mean it’s a Nicholas Sparks novel — call me a hater, but whatever, you know what I mean.

Surprisingly, when she and Liam started dating, I thought I was learning to like her. They looked so cute together and I kind of accepted the fact that they would be tying the knot soon. I even admired her when she had her hair cut to help raise funds for cancer, and I found it really sweet of her when she started her 500-Calorie diet for her wedding.

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They looked close to ideal for me, until Miley’s performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and I wondered what was up with her. It’s destructive, yes.

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I thought she and Liam broke it off before the performance (which, would somehow justify or explain at least) but it was a few days after the controversial when the news came out. So it wasn’t Liam.

Then came the even more destructive Wrecking Ball video, which featured her licking the chains and swinging naked, crying her heart and soul out. It was Liam this time.

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I kind of pitied her, because being a graduate of Psychology I know that there’s more than just this side of the story. I was a hater, but this thing going on with her is real serious. Like, is she on drugs or whatever? I mean, with all the negative comments she got about her VMA performance, she could have stopped, and disappear from the light for a while. But no, she came out with a bigger bomb to drop instead.

A few days later, Miley posed for the Rolling Stone which is coming out on the tenth. And today on my Facebook feed another set of Miley’s photographs taken by Terry Richardson were all over the internet. Side note: She’s pretty hot though.

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So what is really up with Miley Cyrus?

I remember Serena Van Der Woodsen doing all these nasty things to get attention from his father. It’s safe to say that Miley might be doing this to get Liam’s but digging deeper, this must be something more than just her called-off wedding.

Some articles tagged this phase as her transformation, but it’s obviously more than just growing up. If she’s not under the influence of drugs then this is more alarming. Coming from being a sweet girl, this is not something a sane person would do — she won’t even think about it. I think I’d rather accept her being high when she does these than not. And what she’s been doing has surpassed Lindsay Lohan’s and Amanda Bynes’ troubles.

Whatever it is that she’s going through, I hope she finds her peace soon. Or what she wants to achieve through her nasty acts, I hope she achieves it soon so she’ll stop. All of these may be unpleasant, offensive, obscene and a lot more, but I can feel her pain. I really don’t like her, but I feel so sad for her, knowing that she’s going through a lot plus people all over the world have nothing to say but negative comments about her — it’s just too much for her to bear. She’s twenty and there’s a lot for her to come, but there will be none if she’ll continue to scandalize.

Her parents, friends, manager, record label, help her get through.

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