I suddenly thought I have not figured out life the past few weeks. I don’t know where this has been coming from — I’m okay, I just feel like I’m being a slacker again. Work has been so busy lately, it’s that time of the year – it’s Q4 so the loads are pretty challenging. Because of this, I have not been able to go to the gym (OMG I just realized it’s been a month it could have made a difference already!) — or not. There’s truth to this but I kinda know that a part of it is just an excuse. I have been eating and eating again, and I am being a couch potato (I always am) – the unhealthy kind!

I have also been bitching around (a lot) lately, I know I always do but the emotions are heightened it feels like my days are red but no, not yet. I hate it, I hate it. I used to be the shy and timid girl then suddenly, boom. One bitch in the making. I learned to not care and hate on everything that won’t suit my preferences — I just learned how to not give a fuck. I wasn’t one of those teens who does stare fest all the time and make virtual thought bubbles with the “You can’t sit with us” swagger line, though. I was actually the one being stared at. Do that to me now, you’ll go to hell. Lol well I guess it’s that belief that I have in something begetting something. So if you’re nice, I’d be nice. *wink*

It feels so liberating, you know, from being the girl who’s always at the corner, to being able to remain not being bothered, affected or troubled by the attacks.

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Actually, I don’t get the point why I am saying all these.

I’m bored.

Now really reflecting on this, not giving a damn is fun and life is so much easier and uncomplicated. It’s gives me a sense of self security, being able to do and achieve what I want and get through with life’s challenges just by my own, without help from anyone. I feel invincible.

On the other hand, I partly feel sad, or disappointed (that’s the better term) for possessing (or being able to feel) this liberty makes me feel like my innocence is slowly on a journey to escape. The harsh reality that you will never reach being fully grown in this world when you remained untouched unfolds.

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