Life is full of surprises, but sometimes the opportunity to be the one to do the act of surprise comes and for me, it’s always better. It doesn’t have to be grand, because amidst the luxury and glamour wrapping the world we live in, people would still crave for personal touches and as what we say, it’s the thought that counts.

Since childhood, I’ve been fond of doing simple gestures — writing letters are my favorite, and I proudly admit that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my penmanship. I would tear down pages of my notebooks whenever I have to erase something – I would never settle for white outs, never.

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I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who loves to do and receive surprises as well — it seems default in our workplace every time we have occasions to celebrate (you’re good to assume when it’s your birthday because we will really do surprise you). I can really say that it helps deepen relationships because the affection and the warmth of love are more felt. I know that love isn’t measured by material things and words are the ones that really mark but love is just so beautiful that oftentimes words can’t be enough to express it.

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And everything won’t be complete without the icons of surprises. Flowers, teddy bears, chocolates — these are all normal but really the feeling is different with their presence. It’s like they’re invented to fulfill the duties of melting the hearts of every individual.

Every guy has given his special girl a bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolate, a teddy bear. And these do not apply only in romantic relationships because whether you are single or not, you are worth the love. Every icon for me symbolizes the feelings that one has for the other. Flowers could mean appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving. Teddy bears may symbolize how lovable and important one is. Chocolates could speak a lot of how special one is for someone. But I just made that up (lol) and even so, these icons really have the powers.

In this age of technology, it’s really cool that almost everything can be done digitally. I mean, e-cards for birthdays and anniversaries or e-invites for events for that matter and digital takes it to a whole new level but for me, for a girl who would always prefer personal touches over anything at any time of the day – there, I said it – I’d still go for the old school way.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m shutting down technology from the picture! PH Gifts, Manila Blossoms and Phil Flora offer online delivery of REAL icons of surprises (which I made up). Convenient but they won’t compromise the quality of your presents!


It’s perfect for people like me who still like to do handwritten notes from time to time. What’s even cooler is that the coverage of their delivery areas is not limited to Metro Manila, so wherever you are in the Philippines, you can still let the special people in your life feel how much you care for them.

Because in love, distance is never a hindrance.

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