Life has its ways of introducing itself to you, and making you know it better — who it is, what it’s capable of, when, where and how it strikes. You cannot just simply ignore it and live through a set of beliefs that has been instilled in you just because.

Lots of yolo thinking have been all over the place recently, if you notice. And because of that, here’s an excerpt of an entry I did a year ago, because yes I have a lot of unresolved issues and I deal with the same shit over and over again.

Choices are always equated with decisions and what you choose/decide determines the outcome, the future (unless you make a u-turn along the way — but that means having to weigh your choices again, therefore choosing/deciding, it’s a cycle).

The first years of your life, you always have someone who makes (or if not, guides you with) the decisions for you: your parents, guardians, or the older ones surrounding you. On default, these people are capable of doing such because they are old enough, they have experienced a lot in their lives, and that as they always say, “You are just about to go, I’m already on my way back.”

This might sound a little liberating, but, was there any chance that you’ve thought about this: the older people overusing the fact they are “old” as reasons most of the time. I mean, I am not trying to say that it’s not true (it is), it’s just that, I believe it doesn’t apply most of the time.

I’ve been having a lot of realizations lately (maybe because of the long weekends that passed — I had some time to ponder on some things I couldn’t even think of when I’m on my usual routine), including this. It must be weird thinking about the legitimacy of this universal thought, but, I believe it’s worth mentioning.

Don’t we experience different things? I mean, for example, there’s something that I am experiencing and you tell me what to do about it. You say you’re old enough, has experienced a lot in your life, therefore I should take your advice. But how can I be so sure that what you’re saying could help me or (okay, let’s make that even firmer) could be the best choice because that could give me the best result, that I would never ever regret it because it’s the right thing to do and that you’ve gone through the very same situation (with the same things to consider)? On the other hand, when someone younger comes to me and tells me that he/she is experiencing something, then I say the same thing, how can he/she be sure that what I’m telling her is right, the best thing ever? That I’m really coming from something similar to what he/she is having, to be able to be credible enough to say something?

I know I’m not old (and mature) enough to claim that I am capable of doing elderly things. I actually need help most of the time, but I feel that there are also things that us ourselves are the only ones capable of determining whether we are about to do the right thing or not. We are gifted with hearts to feel and rational thinking too (just like older people), I believe they have the same capacity as theirs and not malfunctioning, right?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that, we should not think that we are incapable of doing certain things (despite our ages, heights and weights). When we run to someone we think who could help us in dealing with what bothers us, we should still keep ourselves as masters of our fate because at the end of the day, it will be us who will take the consequences. With this, I am not saying that we should forget the use of our ears when we encounter things as such. It might sound contradicting, but I am sure you know and you feel it whenever you need someone to come to and when you can manage. Let us make ourselves be responsible and learn on our own — not letting our youth be a hindrance in whatever we want/ought to do and not being afraid — and we, the young ones can tell from the bottom of our hearts (in response to their “You are just about to go, I’m already on my way back.”) that, “Experience is the best teacher.” High five plus wink!

A year later, I say I was using too much commas then as if it was a crime to use periods. Lol seriously I’m done with all the sugarcoating and straightforwardly, if only I had never been a late bloomer and realized earlier what opportunities I have lost in wasting time being a goody-goody, I could have avoided pitying myself before going to sleep during those days.

And right now, all I wanna do is have pillow fights, ride a ferris wheel, eat cotton candy, laugh out loud, go to the beach, dance barefoot on the sands, swear to the stars and drown in alcohol with my brothers and sisters from another mother the soonest! Coz yeah, yolo. IDGAF if that sounds jeje or what, I don’t care anymore, I don’t wanna stretch missing my life to a quarter!

Well kids, not too much, I’m (yes, I am) a severe case.

And I know that’s quite disoriented but whatever, that’s my point. *Insert smiley here* Plus, it’s Sunday once again and I can’t sleep oh my gosh.

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