My mind has always been in an “Empire State” state, and my randomness would often be linked to it – it’s so often that I don’t feel it’s still random because it’s kind of normal to me already, if you know what I mean. You see, it’s the song of my life. It literally is because while every girl’s favorite landmark is the Eiffel Tower, mine are the New York Times Square and the Empire State Building. Gosh, me and the yellow cabs are meant for each other! Thinking about the streets of New York right now gives me chills. Seriously.

So when I had the chance to see and hear Alicia Keys here in Manila, there’s nothing  I can’t do. OMG I can’t believe I really did!! What made it even better is that I watched it with the 1601 gang. When the LED flashed the City of (my) Dreams, I just started screaming out loud! I can’t explain the rush in my heart at that moment.

Photos from Naz Santiago



The wait was totally worth it, opening song is Karma! For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video I found on YouTube while having a hangover of the concert.

Videos from Net Babe 22

I did not expect Alicia to be that of a performer! I mean, I’ve always believed in her music and her piano skills are totally superb but I did not know she can groove like that!

Of course, being a resident of videokes, it’s If I Ain’t Got You that I’ve waited for! I never go home without belting this song piece! Imagine my happiness when I was actually singing it with the very one who has performed it. Surreal.

I was in such emotions when she was singing this because this was when she mentioned Haiyan. The care was so genuine that we all went teary-eyed. You would really feel that she is all for humanity, and this made me love her more.


What made the piece more awesome was when Regine Velazquez came out for the second verse and oh my gosh.

I did not expect No One can be sung the way she did that night! It was effortlessly beautiful and probably the best act in her Manila performance.


And it was not only the Asia’s Songbird who joined her on stage, but our very own APL too! I love how AK said that right after Where Is The Love followed! It was rejuvenating for some reason.

We all had our phones up in the air! This gesture never fails to touch and empower – the Black Eyed Peas did it also back in their 2011 tour before they took their rest as a group.

Of course the night won’t be complete without the song of my life.



Enough of my daydreaming, here are more photos of the 1601 gang:

S & B


Just because it was “No Shave November”






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