I’ve always been the carefree type since I stepped into college (I actually never thought I was until then). Tight deadlines, sleepless nights, love problems and other teen issues in between taught me how to have fun and be bulletproof. Like I said, the IDGAF, YOLO, swagger and whatever-social-networking-jargon-there-is attitude. And lately I’ve been doing a lot of randomness and I thought over the weeks I’ve gotten past that phase but I didn’t! In fact, it has gone deeper. Guess it got all mixed up with the holiday blues.

So it was getting serious that I needed more than just thinking and self times. I needed quality times with the most valued people in my life! I just have to mention: Last 9th, Ian and I had our 63rd! Can’t imagine we would reach the number!

Sure, other halves would always relieve tiresome after every stressful working day but I personally believe that the fun company of a best friend is as extraordinary! You know, literally not minding what to say, laughing thy asses as if there’s no tomorrow, camwhoring until the phone memory is consumed and so much more, more and more!

On impulse, my boo Mily and I decided to isolate ourselves from the city for a bit and breathe in some fresh air.


We stayed at Villa Ibarra Tagaytay for lunch and I was serious when I said we really did not care at all! (Always our thing since college)

Valenciana Paella and Beef Salpicao


I swear their paella is so good and the salpicao too!! Ate like monsters that day! Haha!

After lunch we went around the villa to relax (and camwhore)!


Hello outlets!


Outside was a perfect scenery! So breathtaking!


Although we never got lost contact, of course it’s not the same back in college when we were glued to each other everyday. Swear, there was not a day that we were not on each other’s side during those years! We’re sisters from anotha motha!

We really enjoyed this trip because it was different from what we use to do, plus it’s the holidays! The long trip was one of the highlights because our goal was to really catch up and exchange stories like before. Just like college, it was like one of our soul searching dramas minus the heart aches. LOL!

It’s always nice and relieving to catch up with my boo! Never a dull moment! I love you isip bata! :p

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