The 1601 gang would not let the year end without throwing a party that’s surely one for the books. It’s our way of celebrating all the times we have shared throughout the year (both the good and the bad) and welcoming the new that’s about to come.

It was twice better this time, because the bitches S & B just reconciled and we always boast our friendship that is misunderstanding-less but that doesn’t apply anymore. And now I believe that it won’t be an official friendship if there was not even a single cat fight. We know how we both wanna throw pillows at each other on those days. Haha!

Now we’re back at being camwhores


We’ve tried different places but it’s always more fun in our headquarters! For this year, we decided to add more spice to our already epic parties!


We deviated from the usual beer pong so we call our version the Mix Pong!




Now I can’t say anything more – because that’s all I can remember.</>


It’s just that it’s really one hell of a night that I can’t stand not posting it here. But I’ve got a lot to say about it I just have not gathered my thoughts and regained my confidence yet.

Next year is surely going to be another great canvass for all of our stories, we will never know what’s in store but one thing’s for certain: we will always have each other’s backs.


So happy to have celebrated the holidays with these dudes once again!

I’m not yet ready to let go of the season! Are you?

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