I can never have too much of the holidays. I mean, who can? It’s the season of gift-giving, get-togethers and a lot lot more. Fashion wise, the words “Sweater Weather” has been overused lately because, well it’s truly the season of sweaters! So where else to enjoy more of this weather?

I know the previous post featured Tagaytay, and we all know how much all of us love it that’s why today it would be all about the same city again. And I bet you know the feeling that we experience differently about a certain place even if we’ve been there several times. I went there twice the same week because as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been seeking for a place where I can think about a lot of things, maybe peace of mind too. But it’s more fun if it’s fun so I really never got to think. Haha.

We had brunch first at Bag of Beans. We took the Dasmariñas route and traffic was insane so we were really hungry!




One of the best beef tapas ever!





We drove back to Sky Ranch after to check and have a look on the famous big wheel of the south!








It was so hot and we got tired from taking countless pictures (selfies and groupies) so we had coffee. Of course it’s Tagaytay!

It was still very early and we still had plenty of time. We decided to drop by Nuvali since it was on the way and we were itching to do more fun activities!

We went biking finally!!


It was so tiring for we went around Solenad for like one whole hour! But it was sooo fun I felt like a kid again! Plus it was an achievement for me since the last time I went to Nuvali I came home with a broken heart.

I’m so looking forward to the actual week of the holidays since I would finally be able to legitimately take a break from everything! I am so in need of self times and peace of mind so I hope that I will really find what I am seeking (which I am not certain of) – haha!

Here I am and the tiger wishing you all a happy holidays!

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