It’s the last day of vacation for me and I wish I could have more but what can I do, gotta pay the bills you know. Nevertheless, that was a solid 12-day break and it’s something that I am thankful for.

Randomness (and talkativeness) is striking again which is why I am updating this soon (wow, what a good start). Though I can’t think of anything better and for now you have to bear this nonsense post I am constructing. Year-ender entries are a hit but how about I try doing a year-starter? Haha! Here are few of the things I think we commonly do during every first of January:

1. Get sleep after a til-sunrise drinking session – A lot of us are welcoming the new year with booze and every party would surely last until the break of the sun. Working people would always want to make the most out of every non-working holiday and the celebration of New Year definitely makes it to the list. It’s one of the times when we could catch up with our families, childhood friends and neighbors – something we can’t do on a daily basis. Having fun as the clock strikes twelve is definitely a good year-starter!

2. Brunch at 2pm courtesy of the left-overs – They say it’s always better the second time around, and I say that applies to food as well! Sure the New Year’s Eve celebration was accompanied with good food and there’s pretty much enough to consume until the first of January. Not to mention the ones that were given by your friendly neighbors, hehe! Uhh, the pasta sauce that just got out of the fridge, colder and juicier!

3. Pull out Christmas decorations – I still can’t believe the holidays are over and that I am counting to the next again. I kind of felt nostalgic when we were taking the Christmas tree, balls and lights back to their storage earlier. Til next year!


4. Paint nails in accordance to the lucky colors of the year based on Chinese Astrology – I am not Chinese but for some reason my mother has developed a sense of attachment to their culture that we kind of practice some most especially during New Year. All these superstitions and beliefs have become traditions in our house and I tend to look at predictions about my sign, too. 2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse, and I am born under the horse! I found out that my element is metal and the lucky colors are green and brown. Black and blue are good colors as well, and looks pretty on nails!


5. Start writing on the planner – Is it me or is it just me but I don’t really use my planners as “planners”. I don’t know why but I like writing really long notes and all of my planners ever since has transformed into some sort of diaries. I like writing about the details of my day which is why I am meticulous in terms of choosing the perfect planner. Duh, it will be with me throughout the year so it’s best to have the best!


6. Reorganize the wardrobe and other shelves in the room – Gotta admit, this is one of the things I dread which is why I haven’t done it yet! I’ll try doing it in the coming days or weeks or months, depending on the force of nature. Haha!

How about you? What else do you usually do at the first day of the year?

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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