I’ve stopped making resolutions list not because I lost faith in my “better” self but because I believe that life is beautiful as it is and people are, too. I am not much of a planner, I am more of the free-flowing type — likes things to happen in the way they are meant to happen, no restrictions, no pressure.

It’s not that I am direction-less (although I know it sounds like that), it’s just that for me, where to go, the destination is the only thing that can be planned but the journey itself, cannot. And so I just realized that this is the logic behind my way of consuming my yearly planners: I write after the day has passed, in details.

The gods of planners must have noticed that they showered me so much this year (like a lot) and today I am feeling extra generous! I know we are already in mid-January but free stuff ain’t gonna hurt! Yeap, it’s time for a giveaway!

Halfway through, the gods have become even more generous so I am extending the contest until Sunday. What’s even cooler is that I am now giving away TWO Belle de Jour 2014 Planners!! So keep on sending your entries for more chances of winning!


Nothing really complicated, Rafflecopter below will get you through!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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