25 days in 2014 and I can’t believe the first month is coming to an end. Although there is a part where I feel like the days are running by slowly – well never mind it’s just the random self trying to destroy this sentence, but yeah right? It’s quick yet not!

January is the period when we move from the past year to the next. It’s when the thought of starting over sinks in, that the month prior is now part of the past, and that it’s time to mark all those goals done.

However, I am running a bit late.

I am in that phase where I am trying to figure things out, and I’ve been hoping that each day that comes will pull me closer to certainty. Whether this certainty will reveal reminders or cue for new beginnings, here goes my arms willing to embrace whichever.

I had various encounters with life and from all of that, I developed an attitude of not giving any damn – if it’s gonna bring me storms, I know that it’s the “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude I should strut. If it’s gonna take me to the beach, it’s definitely the sand, the sea and the sunset to watch. I don’t know if my analogies are able to put it in an understandable way, but you know that they have always been my thing. In becky language: keri lang.

Love problems are one of the hardest to deal with (at least for the people my age) but based from experiences, nothing could be worst than being sandwiched between two big boulders. If I meant it literally, good luck with coming out alive. Whoa, that still meant something more!

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Where I am right now, it’s okay. I can’t say there’s nothing more to ask but even if I don’t, I know I am gonna be fine. It’s a playground, a garden. Been here for quite some time but there are times when I feel like I am still the new kid in town. It’s so right, just right. Kids are nice, and they’re letting me join their games. But then it comes back to “Why only now?” and I just want to shout at their faces, tell them that I am not a substitute and not made for catching scatters. Then the thought of seeing a lot of rainbows on the other side excites me! The flowers in the other gardens are more colorful and in full bloom, the kids are all smiles and welcoming, excited for my hands to help get the castle done.


There are still 340 days in the Year of the Horse (my zodiac) and I am excited! I am positive that everyone will have a good year ahead! Okay, I made something up but I believe I made sense on this one: Other elements (fire, metal, water) have the power to dominate wood which is why I have not read any “unlucky” predictions for this year. I am not really a superstitious type of person but the Chinese zodiac hasn’t failed! I never believed until I tried looking back on the past predictions of my sign, well it’s true that 2008 and 2009 were really my toughest years. I still don’t depend on the readings but using them as guides will help in setting the path.

I did not intend to make an entry about the Chinese New Year but I just did. Haha!

It is so timely because I have an ongoing giveaway which is ending in less than 24 hours! I am thrilled with the thought of making two of you smile with these little presents. If you still haven’t sent your entries, there’s still time!

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