The Manila weather has become pretty challenging lately. It’s been extra cold during night time – jackets are taken out of the closet and the use of blankets and pillows are being maximized. Even taking the shower while preparing for work is a struggle every morning. I ain’t complaining though, I am a sweater-cardigan-blazer type of girl and the weather suits me fine. Although since last night, my head and my back started aching as if I am gonna catch a fever. I hope not. (Sick leave on a Monday won’t be so bad too, you know. Ssshh.)

In other news, one of the series that I religiously follow – Pretty Little Liars is back! I have missed the girls so much and one episode for each night is always short! I did not forget that Serena and Blair are my most favorite (and they still are), but the four girls are lovely too!

I have grown to like Hanna when Caleb entered the picture. Their story was a bit different from the getting to know stage we usually see. Caleb’s geekery is really hooking I must say, and how he looks at Hanna’s eyes is just so sincere. So when she handed him the latte that was on the car, my heart went a little “aww” because I know that Caleb did not have to really go. I feel sad that Hanna thinks he and Miranda are now together, and I am pissed that they have to go through this unnecessary stage. Why can’t just Caleb stay with Hanna and be the oh so in love couple they really are? I just want to tell Hanna that Miranda is dead and Ravenswood is an absolute waste of time. I tried watching Ravenswood and seriously, that series does not have to exist at all. Oopsie. Gosh Caleb just go back to Rosewood!



Spencer has always been one of my favorites, tied with Aria. I like that she’s smart and tough. Her thoughts and ideas are always useful to them and I personally think that if not for her brilliance, A could have caught them since Season 1. Plus, the way that she dresses is something that I dig too! I kind of pitied her when Toby, who did not know she and Em had a rough night, left her in tears as the episode Close Encounters (Season 4, Episode 16 and to which I named this post after) come to an end. I like Spence so much but unbiasedly, her smartness gets overboard sometimes. She thinks she knows what to do and what she will do is the best in every situation.


I have never denied that Emily is the least that I like among the girls because she’s the weakest. I agreed with Spence when she told Emily that she is indeed the weakest link, and I find that analysis brilliant: Ali is trying to divide them. Emily is a very emotional and a sensitive person, and once or twice, these traits of her almost got the four of them killed. I am not saying that I don’t like her, in fact, her braveness is admirable. I just think that she has to be more cooperative and be more empathizing. She has to expand her concern from herself to the four of them.


Maybe because at this point we all know that Ezra is A which is why I chose to put Aria in the last part. As mentioned earlier, she’s tied with Spence. In the beginning it was her whom I like the most. Her family is so ideal, and I must admit that I was entertained by how it went with her parents. Haha! I was able to relate when she was fighting for her relationship with Ezra, and I will always say that I could never like any other guy for her other than him. Which is why when Jake came to the scene, I felt a little off when she kissed him 30 minutes (well this is an exaggeration) after they first met. I found that too low for a girl who was always known to be the I-would-do-anything-for-love type. And I still couldn’t absorb Ezra being A! To me, he’s the dream guy in the series! His love for literature and being always the one whom everyone can turn to in times of need is something that sweeps me Aria off the feet. If I was Aria, I would also say that he doesn’t have any mean bone in his body. I can’t wait to know why he is involved or why he is after Ali! I want his clean reputation back, I want Aria to be safe in his arms again.


I am hoping that Ali will show up again in the next episode, and that she’ll leave more information. I also want to know more about what is happening between Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis, but I do not want to hear about Mrs. Cavanaugh again. I just feel like it’s not really important although I may want to know who the disturbed patient at Radley was. And again, I just want Caleb to come home because I know that this thing with Hanna and Travis is just a short stint.

Lucy Hale has released her first single early this January too, and maybe I am a little biased but I like it!

In another totally different news, the Belle de Jour 2014 giveaway has ended earlier today, and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to send in their entries! I wish I could let you all win but it really has to go down to two. The winners were picked by Rafflecopter (I didn’t) and the lucky girls are:

Anna Monica Ayungao
Mitch Meralpis

Congratulations! Please wait for my e-mail! :)

Thank you so much again for joining and better luck next time, this won’t be our last for sure!

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