I rushed inside the shuttle right when the barker shouted there were two seats left. There were people in front of me, but I managed to get in because they were three. I sat on the third seat, second row. It’s the spot where you usually need a pillow to feel comfortable because there’s a space between the seats. Fortunately, the seat was soft tonight, although there were times that I wanted to lean my head on the rest but couldn’t.

I tucked my hot pink earphones in and made a playlist. I did not have one yet because I just decided recently that I want to finally put songs on my four-month old mobile phone. I never saw the need to (until then) because I have my iPod and another Android device but really the reason was because I did not want to overuse the phone. Meh. We drove through EDSA. Strums of a guitar played on the background as we move along the national road. The stoplight turned red. Guitar continued to play.

I’m a self-confessed hipster but I have to admit that mainstream music will always have a place in me. John Mayer is at the very top of the “White boys with guitars” list and apologies to the next one but there are three spaces before he could even get close.

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something’s better
On the other side

It’s officially the first track of the Soundtrack of My Life 2014.

Earlier, Ian and I grabbed (large) cups of Hakka and Wintermelon milk teas. The Moonleaf branch in Columns is pretty much different from the ones in Katipunan and Kapitolyo. The ceiling was high, the lamps were fancy. We were lucky to have scored the couch which made the stay too cozy. As always, we touched architecture and continued to goals in life. We went on and slowed down in the middle, I asked what his plan is and let him do the talking. I listened. He asked me back. I told him mine.


But seriously, if it’s all that’s needed I really would.


By now, the wings could have grown and flapped. And the bird must be already flying even in low altitudes, if not soaring yet (well at least it could have been on its way). It’s thinking about the vast sky and how long it has to travel to reach its destination. It would definitely be long, even if it starts moving now. But it hasn’t. If not now, when? And when will it ever arrive?

Time is running out, it sighed.

It decided. It has to take a new route.


We decided to walk around the not-so-busy streets of Makati. We kind of missed the Valero side! The calmness is pretty amazing knowing that it’s just a street away from the most fast-paced Ayala. There were even kids playing around, who were not ashamed to get near us and asked for a little amount. They were different from the others, they’re the most adorable streetchildren I’ve encountered!

Also, tonight we saw the Lights Show!


It was my first time for this holiday season even if the office is just around the corner.

We walked some more and reached the shuttle terminal. I was lucky because right after I got the ticket, the barker said that there were still two seats left.

I listened to John Mayer while on the way home.

There’s no such thing as the real world.

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