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I’ve been feeling all over the place and I can’t keep still. You see, I just can’t stop talking! Haha! I still feel literally sick (because there’s also a figurative kind of sickness, e.g. sick and tired) so I am just trying to amuse myself with series, movies and music.

Music – always been one of the best companies I have in life. However I am feeling, whatever mood I am into, it just never fails. It’s like that friend who you never have to say anything to, she just knows that you need some pat on the back and she’ll be the one to do the talking. Unfortunately, I can’t do that to myself (I can’t do monologues all the time and I need some consoling too) which is why I am so grateful that I found the haven of such good music! At least I’ll never be alone!

Since I am proud of the music that I dig, most especially of the artists who bring this awesome awesomeness, I decided to create a segment where I share the songs that help me get through depending on how I am feeling, or just plain LSS-ing with. I kind of started it already (see Music), but now I am doing it religiously. Posts are now guaranteed every week, I love it!

Fellas, I introduce to you PATIYT’s Song of the Week!

I’ve been listening to Ghost for a good number of days now and it has become my go to song at work. It helps me get through the MS Excel files that I deal with every single day and I feel like the hours come by quickly whenever I listen to it. Some say it’s the melody that makes them listen to a song over and over, but for me it’s the lyrics.


That feeling of being new. Everyone is nothing but a simple hi/hello, everyone is a stranger. You remain silent and not going to open your mouth until someone breaks the ice. You try to blend in, but the cliques already clicked. Then you wait, but waiting just makes the time run even slower.

You wait some more, give it another chance, but you are dying at the corner. You know staying will only kill more time, but there’s the thought that maybe one second it would not anymore. You say just a little more patience, just a little more time, but you see yourself only going back to the start. It gives you the feeling of uneasiness, the days start to drag you and you just want to get out.


When I posted this video four days ago, I would have to admit that I have not watched it yet. I have only seen third-party made videos, but I watched it right after publishing, and I am so happy to know that Chelsea is still not exhausted because I’ve played the video for like 500 times already. Gosh, the woman is amazing. This version blew my mind, wild. She sings it effortlessly, the beautiful sound coming from her is like the air that she breathes. I was left speechless the first time I saw the video, and from then I seriously did not stop.

I am sharing with you the acoustic version and tell me your thoughts!

And also just yesterday, Chelsea released the official music video for Ghost so I am sharing it with you as well:

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