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When Glenn woke up from his deep sleep, I suddenly thought that although he was not able to get out of the prison, he might be the luckiest.


1. Because he was at the edge of a platform and he slept there for a really long time. He’s got blood in his face, which makes it obvious that he’s alive. The walkers didn’t eat him.

2. The platform wasn’t that high and the walkers could have reached him even before he woke.

3. There was not a single walker inside! I was expecting he might be spending a bit of his energy while he was walking in the dark room, making his way back to the cell blocks. He was able to pass through smoothly!

4. He had all the access to the tools and equipments for survival. He was in full gear man!

5. While Maggie’s away, he found Tara who looks exactly like her!


The only thing he’s not lucky about is that Tara has a bad mouth which led them to another Governor. I’m guessing he might be the Colonel. Lol.

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