Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I haven’t been going out much lately, yesterday was actually the first time I went out – as in out – for this year and I kind of gotten used to it. It had also been a while since I tried something new in the dining area, so for dessert, staple frozen yoghurts were skipped and crepes were welcomed in the library of my tummy. I am not sure if I tried one ever so I am counting last night’s consumption as my first.

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We found the ones from Mother’s Crepe & Cafe appealing, although I have to say that their SM Mall of Asia branch is too small. They have a lot of good offerings and I think that their food and drinks will be more appreciated if partnered with better space.

The food itself on the other hand, requires a different set of judging criteria. The goodness of their food totally slashed out the minor issues in space and ambiance. Since it was my first time at Mother’s (and also trying out crepes), I settled for the one with flavors I know my taste buds are comfortable with.

Strawberry Choco Crepe


I found the presentation of the food amusing, and it’s definitely Instagram-worthy! Haha! It looks small in the picture but I tell you, it’s as big as a slice of Yellowcab’s 18-inch pizza! The strawberries were fresh, and the chocolate syrup complimented the fruit well. Their whip cream was not that sweet, which I liked because I am not really much of an indulgent lover.

Caramel Cheesecake Crepe


I was supposed to order this one but had second thoughts because I am not a fan of caramel syrups although I am a cheesecake lover. It was still win-win for me because I got to taste both crepes which made my tummy even happier! The cheesecake balanced the combined sweetness of the caramel syrup and whip cream, and I have to admit that I liked this set better. The fusion of the three flavors were perfect!


I have also tried their Tapioca Milk Tea but I did not have the chance to take photos of it. Also, they ran out of tapioca pearls but it was still surprisingly good. It tasted like an authentic Naicha!

In conclusion, Mother’s Crepe and Cafe is a must try! I say that their offerings are affordable, the prices are reasonable and you definitely get your money’s worth (even more, for me). I will come back to try more flavors, probably in another branch (if they have) and hopefully they will have enough tapioca pearls for me. Hehe.

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