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First of all, please accept my apologies as it’s been a while since the last time. I know I’ve pledged to produce content more often, and that remains to be my goal. My site has been experiencing technical problems the past few days and I couldn’t figure out how to fix them by myself. I’ve been doing a lot of research, talked to credible people for help (yes I am also behind the technicalities of my site – of areas that my little knowledge can cover) but the problems were that difficult and I needed to contact my web developer. We are still in the process of rehabilitating everything, so please expect changes in the coming days, in terms of the site’s look and feel. I don’t have word yet if there will be a certain period that the site will have to be down, but I’m glad that I’m still able to post this entry despite the technicalities.

Moving on to the real purpose of the entry, I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts that Ian and I have been doing a lot of restaurant hopping again. We love eating so much that we’re at the point where we tease each other pigs and still be proud that we are. I mean because we really are! Haha. I can’t even dare look at my college photos (notice my Instagram account do not have much throwbacks)! We love the Japanese cuisine the most, and for today’s Food Trip, I am taking you to one of the known Japanese restaurants in the metro.

It has also been a while since we dropped by the Ayala Triangle Gardens (the rise of the New Glorietta has diverted our attention) so when we thought we wanted to shy away from the malls for a while, it was our first choice. Our tummies are quite stubborn: what they crave, they taste.

And where to fully satisfy the Japanese cravings in the Triangle other than Omakase? None. From afar, the first thing you’ll notice are the swarm of people lining up for tables. We were lucky there was one vacant table that night so we were able to get in right away.

Makimonos are definitely the first on our list. We could never go to our next selection without deciding which roll would be served on our dining table. And since we were in Omakase, this one was incontestable!

American Dream


The American Dream is deep-fried sushi composed of salmon, kani and cream cheese that comes with Japanese mayonnaise dip. It’s a default choice (as ordered by yours truly), because the first time I tried it I seriously couldn’t forget how it tasted. I am obsessed with the American Dream (and my American dream)! Hahaha. If you haven’t tried it, you’re definitely missing out! On our next visit, we’ll make sure to try the ones marked as recommended!

Sashimis can’t be missed as well! I’m not much of a fish person but the Japs make me forget that I’m not.

Salmon Sashimi


The freshness of the fish was very evident and even if it’s raw, there was no slimy taste. Every bite revealed a juicy salmon, and the Kikkoman soy sauce was a perfect compliment.

We opted not to have ramen and yakisoba for a change, since our usual Japanese menu often includes the two. The makimono and sashimi were not yet enough, so we added Seafood Dumpling to make our already sumptuous dinner even more sumptuous!

Seafood Dumpling


It was my first time to try the dish and holy chamoley it was the best damn thing on our table! Where has it been all my life?!! Although it was fried fish, I didn’t had the itch on the tongue which I usually get from the fish’s scales. I’d have to say the Japs can totally battle out with authentic Chinese dumplings! Ugh, I am craving again now!

The wild raspberry too was pretty good. I was just not able to take a photo but it was perfect with everything that we got. Well you can never go wrong with iced tea but this one has a distinct taste. Think of Sola for comparison.

I never had any unpleasant experience in Omakase and it would always be on the list of our top Japanese restaurants. It’s definitely worth the try if you haven’t yet, and worth the next visit if you already did!

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas
Makati City

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