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A lovely surprise greeted me on my Facebook News Feed early this morning when a friend shared the latest trailer of the series that made me mourn over a fictional character’s death for real. Yes, I cried as if the Starks were family members and wore black three consecutive days after the Red Wedding.

The Game of Thrones has got to be one of the greatest TV series ever created, in my opinion. The battle for the Iron Throne is a usual medieval situation but what sets it apart is that every clan has something that could prove their worthiness for the throne. While my hate for the Lannisters goes beyond the horizons (Tyrion exempted), my love for the Starks will stay strong, no matter what. I have always been a Ned Stark loyalist and even if he was executed 21 episodes ago, he remains to be the most noble character – and no one can beat that, not even Jon Snow.

Daenerys Targaryen has really grown from being the shy and timid lady to a very fine young woman. She has become truly powerful and how she came from being no one to someone that everyone should watch out for is very inspiring. However, I still want the Starks to rule.

And no, I haven’t read the books – I just base my feelings from the series.


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