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On Song of the Week is Coattails, a single performed by my newest obsession, Broods.

Broods is a duo consisting of Caleb and Georgia Nott based in Auckland, New Zealand. They recently released their EP (January 2014) which consists of six singles including Coattails. Caleb and Georgia are siblings, with the former on instrumentals and the latter on vocals. The duo is set to release their first full-length album in August. (Source)

Coattails has got to be one of the best singles in my playlist right now, and again I’m glad that I’ve stumbled upon such good music. Not only does it make a good company for my ears but the way it sets my mood and the message it brings help me get through my everyday struggles. You know, it’s the lyrics that draws my attention the most, melody next. Aaahh, this one’s got both! You’ll definitely hear a lot of this duo here!

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