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I’ve been lost the past few months (and still lost until today). I’ve talked about how I am feeling down, seeking for certainty, finding the perfect place and so on. Okay I know I never really talked straightforwardly and did not pinpoint every item and maybe I will not, ever. I haven’t gotten past through the phase (I’m still stuck) but I guess I need to calm down for a bit and just carry on. Of course, forgetting the challenges is not an option — I don’t want to let more time to pass. And besides, I kind of progressed one step forward. I don’t want to waste that move!

Like I’ve said, the war isn’t over (I think it hasn’t even started yet) but I’d like to celebrate the first leap I just made. *wink!

Today on PATIYT’s Song of the Week is Tops by Lincoln Jesser.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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