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I saw myself in Beth. When in doubt, keeping calm and talking alone (or writing) are effective ways to carry on, based on experiences. It’s hard to keep up in a situation like hers, theirs. It has left them hanging with a lot of questions: Were the others able to get out of the prison, where did they go, did they manage to stay close, or are they even alive. Apart from seeking for answers, they also have to survive. What makes it even harder is that, they did not had the chance to mourn over Herschel’s senseless execution (fuck Governor Philip!), and worse because they weren’t able to let the Governor taste the death he truly deserved. If I were her, I could’ve wanted to tear him into pieces and that won’t even be enough to make up for his evilness. I also felt her pressure of being with Daryl – he’s strong, tough, he knows what to do and can definitely survive on his own (and hot, sexy, awesome, the list goes on). While she’s dependent, best at taking care of Judith, and not really used to hit zombies. It’s uplifting to have a hope like hers, but at the same time it gives a feeling of strong uncertainty because none of them knows if there is still actually something to hope for.


Lizzie and Mika are like younger versions of Beth and Maggie. Lizzie has grown to be such a brave kid that I actually thought they made it by themselves. I know they could on their own, but knowing that Tyrese is beside them is more relieving. However, I still got a feeling that he will be bitten. He’s big and his physical strength is totally useful, but he doesn’t got the moves. Carol’s comeback was a surprise, and how it is so suiting that it’s the kids and the person she owes are the ones whom she found. She’s definitely going to be a great help for the kids, but I wonder what Tyrese will do once he finds out that Carol was the in-house killer he was looking for.


I found Bob cute (not physically) when he was trying to gain Sasha’s attention. I’m not sure if he was serious trying to get to know her or if he was just playing around. It’s amusing to see them let their feelings out and be human again – real humans who can feel, not just whose only purpose is to get through the days and nights alive. I felt how Maggie was longing for Glenn, and a part of me seriously thought she might find him on the bus – although I know that she wouldn’t because of the fact that he’s, well Glenn. Yeah right, the creators wouldn’t kill him.


I figured Glenn wouldn’t die. Even though he started from being the boy who lived through the first episodes as the resident live bait, he has evolved to one tough guy and a very important part of the group. He earned it. I just wonder how Maggie will react once they reunite and realize that he was with another girl who can pass off as her twin.


I can’t wait for all of them to find each other again! I know that they all have become capable of surviving (thanks to Rick) but it’s always better seeing them together, fighting in one place.

I also want to know who the new characters are, although I think that another asshole in the picture is already off. Judging from the new guy’s physical look, he was exerting a lot of effort to be tough. Even though I hate the Governor so much (and I’m so so happy that he’s finally dead), I have to say that he’s the best douchebag ever. He totally owned it.

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