Before anything else, I’d like to ask for apologies for the lack of updates as of late. My site was penetrated with malicious threats which resulted to my sudden and forced hiatus. Fortunately, we’ve now gotten rid of the viruses (thanks to my developer slash cousin Ryo who’s always there to rescue me from my web booboos) and now up and running again. If you noticed, we’ve also changed the look and feel (please let me know your thoughts) and added a Shop tab too, which is currently under construction. I will notify everyone when our collection is finally completed, so watch out and I am hoping for your support with that. In the meantime, we are back to regular programming! So cheers, tigers!

Our food trip series was cut short when we got caught in the circumstance but here I am making it up! Today on the segment, I’m bringing you to one of my recent discoveries – Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters.

Located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters is a dining hangout place specializing with roasted Filipino dishes. The ambience is pretty chill, perfect for working yuppies who need to take a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ian and I dined at Pugon for two nights that week, so I’d have a pretty generous review today :)

Sizzling Angus Beef Sisig (PHP149)

I’ve always loved sisig and as long as it’s on the menu of the restaurant I’m dining in, I will get an order! Theirs is as good as our other favorites who offer the same dish!

Pugon Roast Chicken (PHP99)

I personally love their Pugon Roast Chicken because aside from its yummy taste (it’s roasted in charcoal fire and brick oven), value for money is very evident as every order includes a quarter chicken and a cup of rice for only PHP99!

Smokey Chicken Bbq (PHP99)

I found the taste of the Smokey Chicken Bbq more appealing maybe because I’m used to it more. The flavor coming out naturally from the chicken is just irresistible, and knowing that you get more than what you pay for makes the meal more sumptuous.

Pork Liempo Roast (PHP149)

Their pork liempo is also cooked in charcoal fire brick oven and tastes just like any other roasted pork. Not bad.

Cheesy Chicken Croquetas (PHP89)

I got intrigued as to how these croquetas taste because they seriously look attractive on pictures, and five pieces of it only costs 89 bucks! When they finally arrived on our table, I was so excited and it didn’t disappoint! It was so yummy! Plus an order is too much for one person so for less than a hundred, two people can already share!

Halo-Halo Sundae (PHP79)

I’m not much of a halo-halo fan mainly because it has niog (which I don’t like) but this one’s surprisingly good! I loved everything about it! I didn’t get to taste the niog much because the flavor of every ingredient was so rich I didn’t had time to complain. What sets it apart among others is that, instead of a normal canned evaporated milk, it had the carabao’s! And it was soooo good I swear! It’s a must-try!

Carabao’s Milk Ice Cream (PHP59)

You know that I’m not really an indulgent lover but I fell in love with the carabao’s milk! The sweetness is just right, well-balanced and really rich in flavor! What I love about it more is that it’s topped with Choc-nut which I found interesting and cute! So Pinoy!

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