Sometimes, I seriously think that maybe the degree I took in college wasn’t exactly the right one for me. I finished Psychology but I have become a media practitioner and seemed to have forgotten what it was like to be in the clinical or industrial setting. I am into arts so much that even if I was enrolled in a different course, I immersed myself in it. My batch mates who were taking up Communication Arts almost adopted me and I found their world really fun and exciting. I watched them finished their requirements — went to Hidalgo with them to buy cheap analog cameras for their Photography classes, went to computer shops with them to have their posters printed, went to rehearsals with them for their plays, and many more (requirements).

One of the activities I used to anticipate back in the days was PelikuLetran, our college’s version of Cinemalaya and Metro Manila Film Festival, where the movies done by senior Communication Arts students (they serve as their final requirement for graduation) are being shown to the whole Letran Community. And I must say that in my four years of stay, there was always one that entertained me. I find it magical because the writers, production staff and directors of these movies were twenty-year-olds and amateurs yet able to produce sensible and good quality short films.


I remember B_tter, one of those I could not forget because my sister from another mother Tets was the script supervisor (stage best friend alert!) and well because the film was engaging. The setting was simple yet it depicted a valued substance. It was very relatable — different problems, different happiness, different secrets and different stories told within a day in a coffee shop. I liked how the director was able to sew the mixture of coffee with a mixture of different lives.

I’ve always found directors smart and really creative, they know every detail — lights, sound, camera movement, angle, so on and so forth — it’s what makes their profession require expertise and it takes a lot of passion for someone to have that drive to continue honing his/her skills in this craft. I’m very attached to my alma mater that’s why when I learned about my batch mate Satti Ombao pursuing further studies at the New York Film Academy, I felt proud. She must have been dreaming of being a director ever since she was a child! And yup, she’s the creative mind behind the short film B_tter. How witty!


Satti in action, New York

Favorite Things BTS



Three years have passed and Satti still continues to amuse me. She has directed a pretty good number of films and has also been part of production (Rollin’ Studios) of full-length films tackling different personal and societal issues. Among these are:

  • Vengeance Ain’t Red (2012, directed by Satti Ombao)
  • Favorite Things (2013, directed by Sean Miyakawa)
  • Hello I’m A Vampire, Hello I R Zombie (2013, directed by Roxy Martinez)
  • The Zanctuary (2014, directed by Jose Andre Sibaja)

Satti is not only a batch mate to me but also an inspiration. Not only her skills and talent will make her a brilliant director but her deep love for film making and dedication as well. Satti’s willingness to learn will make her go places, and I cannot wait for her to get there.

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