I love malls (Glorietta and Greenbelt are my second home) but lately I’ve been finding treasures (and with that I mean good food and nice place) outside these establishments. I personally think that San Antonio is such a haven, I recently discovered 8065 Coffee (which happens to be the sister of Bagnet 8065) and today I’m going to take you there.

The place is very simple which makes it homy and cozy. It’s quiet and calm as well, and some people working on their documents and presentations stay there to concentrate. As for Ian and I, we went there to deviate from the “mall environment” we’re always in.




They serve coffee, pastry, pasta, sandwich, cake and even fruit shake! It was a few minutes before lunch when we came, but we wanted to try as many as we can (real foodies or plain pigs?)!

Brewed Coffee (PHP50)

Cinnamon Roll (PHP40)

At below 100 bucks, you can have a sumptuous breakfast plus that quiet environment your mind is longing for in the morning. Their brewed coffee has that smell telling you that it was made with love. The cinnamon roll is a personal favorite, very affordable (40 pesos can you believe it??) and the bread is soft and the cinnamon is not overly glazed.

Sausage Panini (PHP150)

Since it was already lunch time, I decided to get the panini for myself. When it was served on our table, I thought it looked “home made” (well it is, but you get what I mean) but it exceeded my expectations when I took the first bite. The sausages were sliced in tid bits and were mixed with home cooked pesto. The taste of the basil was dominating (which I really liked) and the chips on the side balanced everything. I seriously didn’t want to finish all because I just wanted to keep taking it in! We were close to getting another order but we still had a couple of other orders to consume.

Fruit Soda (PHP80)

This one also came in as a surprise! It was scorchingly hot that afternoon so I got this soda instead of coffee. The flavor, soda and whipped cream complimented each other so well which resulted to a cool drink! You can have it either in strawberry or blueberry!

Swiss Chocolate Cake (PHP85)

We didn’t want to deal with the heat of the sun at 1 in the afternoon so we stayed a little longer while enjoying a slice of their Swiss Chocolate cake. Although I’m not a fan of icings (they’re too sweet for my taste buds), I still enjoyed it because of the merengue sandwiched in between the two chocolate layers.

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We spent only under 500 in total, so if you’re looking for a hangout place which will bring you far from the congested city and good food made with love, I suggest you try this one!

8065 Coffee
1168 2/F Veca Building, Estrella St.,
San Antonio Village, Makati City

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