With the rise of the New Glorietta also came the rise of a lot of new boutiques, beauty bars and restaurants. It was so exciting that there had been seriously a time when we raided these stores one by one, consecutively. It became the default destination of our feet every dinner time, and sure it was such a haven.

But recently we tried to relive the days when Glorietta 5 was the one, and it was surprising that almost every store now is new to the building. And suddenly, there are a lot to try again! Today on Food Trip, we are dining at Buffalo’s Wings ‘N Things.

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We’ve been wanting to try this one out for the longest time but the Japanese cravings are always stronger. Thankfully, the pin-up poster marketing strategy have been good at reminding us that we must check it real soon.

We were overwhelmed by their menu that we wanted to try everything (oink) but of course we need to have two more sessions for that. For the first, we had their signature Champion Buffalo Wings.

New York’s Finest Buffalo Wings

Firehouse Classic Buffalo Wings

We were asked which sauce we would want to pair with the buffalo wings, and since we ordered 1 pound, we had it split into two so we could try both sauces — New York’s Finest (garlic-y sweet) and the Firehouse Classic (spicy). Ian was closing his eyes, feeling every bite as usual. He enjoyed New York’s Finest more and I loved Firehouse Classic (I got a higher tolerance for spice), but I found both really good.

We had too much buffalo wings to consume (1 pound, duh) so we ordered rice for each of us.

NY Dirty Rice

It complimented the wings well probably because of the salsa that went with it and it was so good! I think we had another extra cup!

We also tried their fries to make our already-heavy meal even heavier. Yay.

Chill N’ Cheese Fries

This one was such a good appetizer that we found ourselves a bit full by the time the main courses were served. The serving is pretty big, it can accomodate two tummies!

It was another night of feast, we were food drunk by the time we finished! Haha!

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things
2/F Glorietta 5
Office Drive, Ayala Center
Makati City

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