When going out, eating (and I mean pigging out when I say this) is always part of the activity schedule but there are also days when I feel like I just want to slouch on the couches, listen to music or share in-depth conversations. Although cocktails and pica-picas are perfect for this kind of setting, I personally think that nothing could ever be more relaxing than the smell of hot brewed coffee.

Ian and I came across Caffè Pascucci, an Italian coffehouse chain with branches in different parts of the globe including the US, Korea, Japan and Egypt. I’ve read stuff about it and I found out that it’s quite popular in South Korea. Most tourists recommend the Myeongdong branch for the good view as it is situated at the heart of the town.

In the Phlippines, the one in Glorietta 2 is the first branch and we are expecting for an expansion soon.

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Since it was kind of late already, we did not want to consume a heavy meal. I opted for their Paspuccio because the coffee art was pretty fascinating though I have to say that there is a little need for improvement on this one. My obsessive-compulsive self was a bit bothered with the crooked lines. Teehee!



Ian got Cappuccino for himself since between the two of us, he’s the one who prefers strong coffee. He didn’t want added sweets and he liked it. I was also able to taste it and it was good, and I have to say that the coffee art was more neat which made it looked better.


Knowing our big fat tummies, we didn’t want to take only coffee so we got an additional Banana Muffin to munch on. I liked it, it was not too sweet which was a perfect combination to our cups of coffee most especially mine, since what I had was sweeter.


I like the ambiance of the place, the second floor was really spacious and is perfect for those who would really want to stay for long hours. The shop was homy and cozy only the look is more modernized which differentiates Pascucci from the other coffee shops we’re used to. The red printed walls and furniture are eye-catchers and gives off that “chill” vibe we are all looking for in a coffee shop.

Will try more muffins and other pastry when we come back and their frappuccinos as well!

Caffè Pascucci Shop
Ground Floor, Glorietta 2
Palm Drive cor. Makati Avenue
Ayala Center, Makati City

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