I’ve got a lot of hobbies in my life. When I was a kid, what takes up most of my time were reading, writing letters and stories, coloring books, painting — yeah, almost everything require pens and papers. And music, I love it just as much! I like singing. I used to dream of having gigs on my own but unfortunately, I’m diagnosed with extreme introversion with stage freight as one of its symptoms.

I’m currently into independent music and I’m so amazed with the talent I’ve been discovering in this scene. The passion and commitment of the artists are admirable and for me, they deserve acknowledgement.

Meet Sarah Caballero, a dear friend and an incredible musician. Ever since I found out about her music, I secretly became a huge fan. I would check out her covers and originals (that’s how passionate she is) every now and then and I forget that were friends every time. She has an amazing voice, but what makes it even nicer to the ears is that, she sings from the heart. Every word, every sound, they come out as one to bring a message she’s only capable of sending.

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I was totally awed with how she does jazz music and she is really good at making every cover her own. I swear, she does Sara Bareilles and Adele like a pro! She can also sing Indonesian songs fluently and I am now lost for words. Her talent is indescribable and I can’t be any prouder.

Another thing I like about Sarah is that (and I am basing this on my own observations), inspite of the fact that she has a growing number of fans (she has thousands of followers on SoundCloud and has a lot of gigs and guestings), she stays humble and doesn’t put her popularity in her head. I love how she takes time to patiently and humbly reply to each and every one who appreciates her music and genuinely express her giggles about them. Even if she posted the cover three years ago, she would still reply to new comments. She’s a very bubbly person, and really approachable!


Sarah has collaborated with a lot of equally good artists and is set to release her EP soon.

In the meantime I would like to share with you her version of Sara Bareilles’ Gravity, one of my favorites among her covers. Such a coincidence that they share the same name! Aaahh, I want to insert Sarah in my name already so I can be as awesome as them! Please hit the share button as it is my desire to let Sara B. hear this and I am sure she’ll like it!

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