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I’ve gone through a lot of heartbreaks in my life and over the years I’ve learned that it’s not just about the romantic aspect. I know that everyone goes through it and it’s not easy but I’m not a fan of whiners and really “emo” posts when it comes to love life. I seriously hide a Facebook friend (and unfollow on Twitter) who bombards my News Feed with pathetic “It hurts ='(“ statuses. Sad face emoticons are soooo annoying. If it really hurts, he/she should’ve been crying on their pillows. I mean going public about it (as in every minute) is pointless, for me. Do they seek comfort or observing the ones who’s going to like the “X person went from being in a relationship to single.” status Facebook has automatically posted for them? GET. A. LIFE. Okay that was harsh, but I’m not letting you forget that I said that. Because bitch, please?

Anyway as I was saying, it’s not about that part every single time. Maybe I’m pissed because after realizing that it’s not just boys who can break your heart (or even girls for boys), I also realized that the effect is more if it’s family, friends or colleagues. While the romantic relationship hurts due to the fact that you lost someone whom you share every movie on the big screen with and that your phone won’t beep as often as it used to, relationship with the people I mentioned hurt because you share more than just movie dates. There’s a part of you that’s attached to them aside from your heart. It’s just simply — more.

Well I’m not really heartbroken but I’m more of disheartened, right now. I know that I always say that my relationship with some people has never really levelled up to real friendship and maybe that’s the thing. It’s like unconsciously putting up a show every single damn day — projecting you’re this and that — but at the end of it you know that it’s just, well, that. Never exceeding that line, nothing more. Everyday seems like it’s just all talk and no walk, and it starts to get into me. It sucks, and I just want to hibernate. Like really stay away.

My Song of the Week is Say Lou Lou’s Beloved. It pretty much sums it all up for me.


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Say Lou Lou is a musical duo consisting of twin sisters Elektra and Miranda Kilbey. They were raised both in Australia and Sweden, and has been active in the scene since they released their first single in 2012. In 2013, they formed their own record label à Deux. (Source)

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