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I’ve been totally drawn to indie music these past few years. Well I guess it comes with the age? The role of music in my life is so big, every moment has a link to a certain song and maybe because the experiences I’ve been having are no longer “childly” (if you get what I mean), the gap between my soul and pop music (which used to drive me crazy — Britney baby!) has started to expand. I can no longer relate that much to lollipops, cotton candies and stuff because I knew that life is not so much of a playground. I’ve learned how to deal with it through bus rides, window panes, cups of coffee, sidewalks and well, I found chill awesomely awesome.

So it’s been a while since I listened to Pop music but thanks to the app called Spotify (the best music app ever invented I swear I’m so glad it’s now in the Philippines!) I came across this single I’m currently LSS-ing with! The built-in playlists are so cool! I love that I get to know more songs and artists which falsify my generalizations and on-the-spot judgments. I admit it, I’ve switched from being a pop worshipper to an indie lover because well, I think that indie more than pop is life. Life in general. Pop is entertainment. My ears has chosen to hear more about life because I need someone (or something) who (or which) I can relate to or at least let me know that I am not alone. Like somewhere in the world, there’s someone or something who or that knows. I’m totally getting too personal now but yeah.

Anyway my Song of the Week is Bonfire Heart by James Blunt. I’ve learned about this through the app and I was like, “Wow, what is this song” and when I looked at my Now Playing panel, I was surprised to see that it’s him and I’m glad that he’s back! I know I’m ages behind but it’s always better late than never! I personally like his music (I’m still drawn to Your Beautiful until now) because he’s that one of the rarest people in the mainstream arena who puts “life” in his songs. I’ve been pressing the play button since I first heard it and it’s so beautiful. I love the lyrics, and even though it initially talks about romantic love, I seriously see and feel something more.

People like us, we don’t
Need that much, just some

That line speaks to me so much (I’ve tweeted a lot of time). It makes me embrace the right amount of the things that surround me. It reminds me how I’m actually okay with having what I need and that I’m lucky because there are no excess. That it’s a blessing and it really is. No complications, just right.

Yeah I’m talking to myself.

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