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Tracks on my segment Song of the Week are not merely featured just because. I found them fitting for the state of my mind (or life, actually) in that moment and has empathized or uplifted me in some way. Yes, it is some sort of like an OST, the soundtrack of my life.

I haven’t posted under this segment last Sunday (I’ve personally chosen this to be the #SOTW day) because like what I’ve said, the tracks featured has to have a meaning, and on that day there was none that moved me. I didn’t want to force myself to “fake feature” for the sake of it because I’d like to preserve and didn’t want to defeat the purpose of the segment.

It’s a bit odd that I am posting something “regular” on a Good Friday (and I am feeling guilty — I’ve been defining sacrifice in my head the past few days and it’s something that should somehow make me feel uncomfortable or one that’s hard for me to do) but I realized that it’s a moment to reflect and every time I do #SOTW, I reflect too.

The past few days have been quite significant in a way that the events almost lead to a turning point I’ve been dying to happen. Almost. Maybe the band is still elastic, maybe there is still something to be stretched. Maybe the time has not come yet, maybe the place is not yet ready. Maybe home is still where I wished it would be, and there’s definitely no place like it.

My Song of the Week is Kid Astray‘s No Easy Way Out — because there’s really no easy way out. I kept on nodding while listening to it, as the dudes have accurately described and said the words I desperately need to hear at the moment. Kisses, you guys.

Plus it’s catchy as hell.

About the Artist


Kid Astray is a six-member indie-pop band originating from Oslo, Norway. They started out playing covers at small events in Oslo suburbs. In 2012, they recorded their first single “The Mess” at the Benjamin Giørtz’ Studio. It became Track of the Week which paved way to their numerous gigs and festival performances. Kid Astray has recorded their self-produced EP which was released on the American indie label Mom+Pop. (Source)

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