Whew! It has been very busy with work lately, and even though my will to update as much is here, my body won’t allow me to. You know how much I’d be willing to sacrifice my sleep for the sake of writing. However, the sleepless nights have been taking their toll on me (I shared I fell asleep in my working area the other day) and I just couldn’t fight back. Thank God today is the last day of doing excess stuff so I am glad that I can have my “blog time” again. I came from work earlier and I am so tired right now but I don’t want to let the night pass. I want to let you all know how excited I am with this “going back to normal thing.” I am talking Greek and ranting at the same time so I guess it’s best to head to the topic already!

I have never had the chance to actually observe and really feel the SM Aura vibe yet, I can’t remember the last time I visited the mall, and I think there were still only a few stores then. Recently, I surprisingly lost my laziness to walk from High Street and dragged Ian to Aura. Finally had the chance to chill at the Sky Park and it’s true that it’s something one should really check out!

As always, it was Japanese food that we craved so we strolled around to find what our tummies were specifically looking for. Yup, today is Food Trip day! After a little perspiration, we knew we wanted ramen so we tried Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Black Ramen lately so I got one for myself.

Black Garlic Tonkotsu


The serving was big and a bowl can be shared. It was full of ingredients, even the soup was full of flavor. The pork was generously served, and the noodles were rich! The spice was just right and the seaweed also added flavor to the ramen!

We’re both suckers for chicken wings so we got an order just to have our dose!

Ikkoryu Teriyaki Chicken Wings

The chicken wings were good, I love the teriyaki flavor but I personally think that the serving was small. Or maybe because the main courses (especially ramen) are already served in huge bowls, they must have calculated it for some reason. Anyway, I think it’s still pretty okay since a plate doesn’t cost that much. I guess we’re used to BonChon’s six piece wings so I thought that it’s a bit short. Hoho.

Ian is usually the safer one when it comes to ordering food. He prefers classic more than those with added flavor so he got the original tonkotsu ramen for himself.

Ikkoryu Original Tonkotsu


We are fond of making our food selections a sort of a race, and I am always the one who gets the point but for this one he’s got it. I loved every bit of this ramen! The noodles were rich, the pork was generously served – I describe it the way I described the Black Ramen but, but, but! There’s something in the soup that’s even richer than the rich! I think the credit goes to the egg which has the most flavorful yolk in town. It was so good I even asked that we exchange bowls. Haha.

Each costs around PHP300-400, pretty much the same as with other ramen houses. A little bit expensive than the usual dinner you can have at other restaurants but I certainly think that you get the value of your money!

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
2/F SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway, Taguig

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