Before the rise of the cleansing and detox juices, there’s only one juice we’ve all been raving about — Jamba Juice! It’s the boosters, the smell of the fresh fruits being squeezed right before our eyes, the photo booth that makes every wait fun and the smiles of the nice crew that made us love and declare it as the best healthy juice in town! And it continues to reach more cool kids out there as it opened its tenth store just recently. People of the north, Eastwood is now Jamba-fied!


The newly opened branch is so cute! So cute that I am actually associating it with Bilbo Baggins’ little home for some reason! It’s like a little haven of health, wellness and energy on that tiny corner of the Eastwood Mall Open Park! Haha!

image image image image

Eastwood has always been like a toy town to me (because everything is well-structured and the city is such a fun place) and this Jamba mobile cart brought more color to it!

image image image image

It was too hot I swear the heat was so unbearable! I got myself my favorite Carribean Passion (with Vitamin C as my booster) and as always it didn’t fail. It’s been my go-to drink every time I am off to face a long day. The smoothie itself is so rich it can sustain my body for quite a while. Plus the fact that it’s blended from fresh fruits (not to mention the addition of boosters) gives me license to brag that I am living healthy! Haha!

Here’s myself enjoying the Carribean Passion smoothie!


Jamba Juice
Eastwood Mall Open Park
Libis, Quezon City

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