I blame my laziness 2048, Scandal and my day job for the lack of updates. I know I’ve never been that type of blogger who has new posts every day (and I know that you’re used to it too) but the latest break was quite long and for that I apologize. I must admit that it has been a bit of a challenge to pick myself up from the quicksand of procrastination, and honestly, today, I needed a few whispers before I finally logged in to my site. Choosing which subject to take for this comeback also stalled me from doing so, but resent no more because the tiger is back from the dead, lol!

So anyway, since I left you with a Food Trip post, today will be about the beaching and everything else from Summer. I don’t want to let the hiatus extend until my birthday (and speaking of birthday, the tiger will be celebrating its first year – of being known to the public – this month too!), and it kinda looks pathetic to not have any summer-related post/s because not having any implies that (well the society does) the season was wasted in your hands. For this year, Baler was the chosen summer destination and I am so, so glad that it was!

Everyone I know who has been to Baler shared only good feedback, and I wanted to try a different activity — something more than just sunbathing, island hopping and whatnot — so it was perfect. I went with my high school friend Honey, her boyfriend, boyfriend’s brother and Ian on Wednesday-Friday two weeks ago, because I know that we would be doing something a little extreme and that our bodies would be needing time to recover (from the bruises). Anyhow, we had two whole days and a half to explore. The one way trip took six straight hours but we were asleep throughout the course of the travel so we really did not feel it though the bumps, yes. We arrived at around 7:30 in the morning and since we couldn’t check in until 2PM (we stayed at Aliya Surf Camp), we decided to have our breakfast first and then checked the famous tourist spots after.



We met Kuya Mike and Kuya Roland, two cool residents who gladly offered their help to tour us around. Our first stop was Ditumabo Falls, also known as the Mother Falls. It was a bit far from the resort, it took us half an hour to get to the base and from there we still had to trek for around 15-20 minutes. It was challenging for we only wore flip-flops and we were afraid that the straps of our slippers would be torn. Fortunately, they survived until we went back to the base.



We had fun even if it was tiring because the view was so breathtaking and worth it! The water was so cold but I swear it’s as clear as a crystal you can actually take feet selfies under! Dipping our bodies in the water was not easy at first, but when we were finally able to, it became hard to get out. We stayed for an hour sitting on the rocks! The view was so nice but the current was too strong, we couldn’t go any nearer the actual falls. But nevertheless, the experience was definitely one for the books! The Mother Falls was really pretty and I seriously say this from the bottom of my heart: we should stop abusing our natural resources, like really.

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The famous Balete Tree which has been alive for 600 years now was our next stop. We were told that 54 people can fit inside the tree (you can go in it as if it’s a room) and it actually expanded because in the previous years only 50 people could fit. So yeah, it’s still really growing!

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We had lunch at the famous Gerry Shan buffet, an eat-all-you-can restaurant which only costs for PHP199 – that’s just one order of sushi here in Manila! Not only is it cheap but the food is really good too! You’re totally gonna get more than what you’d pay for! Unfotunately, I wasn’t able to take photos but it’s definitely a must-try! We went back to the resort to check-in and shower and had our next round of the tour right after. It’s the pretty, pretty Diguisit rock formation and beach that we visited, and I was astonished!

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We also went to Ermita Hill, another tourist spot famous for its historical background. According to Kuya Mike and Kuya Roland, a tsunami hit Baler centuries ago and everything was wiped out, leaving only 8 people alive. They climbed to the hill which is now what they call Ermita, and a statue was built atop it in memory of them. The hill overlooks the whole Baler.

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We went back to the town proper and tried the “rolling stores” for dinner. Food was so cheap, a meal only costs PHP60 and you get a generous serving of rice and viand. I had bopis and dinuguan and they were so good! I don’t know how they do their cooking but it’s one of the town’s strengths!

We strolled around the Sabang Beach shoreline after since it was still early. Man, I swear time runs real slow there! More resorts are situated in the shoreline so there are really a lot to choose from, based on your budget and other preferences. We personally chose Aliya because we came to Baler for surfing in the first place, and Aliya is known for its surfing school. The resorts have their own points of specialties, actually.

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I do not mean to burst your bubble but I have to cut this entry for I am now a few numbers away from a thousand – freaking 1,000 words. I know not everyone enjoys really lengthy posts, I’m actually kind of imagining some on their browsers right now, screaming like “Come on girl stop blabbing, get to the end of it all!” IDGAF because this is my space and I can and will talk as much as I want but maybe I got tired myself because this is waaaaaay too long already! *teardrop*

Seriously, I am cutting this because the second day was a totally different experience. I actually call this (the first day) the field trip day because, well you get it. Anyway, stay tuned for the next post — I promise it won’t take me long. Haha.

I am now counting 1,073 words, FYI.

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