It just recently sunk in that I’ve been with my current company for three years. The experience has been good, fun, exciting and very dynamic. In my previous work anniversaries I never felt that time has actually passed, but surprisingly now I did. And I can’t exactly tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

It also made me realize that it’s no longer acceptable that I still don’t have any decent savings. Account yes, savings zero. It’s just so frustrating and embarrassing to think that I’ve wasted all those earnings in the last 36 months on things that I don’t even remember purchasing. Seriously, where did all the money go?!

I don’t know how this happened, me talking about finances and stuff. Maybe there’s just too much Sam Smith going around lately that I just needed to do this so I can prove his relevance to my life. Lelz.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is part of the pre-quarter-life crisis I’ve been having or something (maybe it is), but I think getting ashamed of myself because of this came as a blessing in disguise too. I started reading tips on how to save and other financial-related articles. I found the “jar system” as the most useful technique for the authors, so I gave it a try.

Starting was pretty much of a challenge — it’s where the “oh-it’s-payday-I’ll-buy-these-and-that” attitude has to die down. I took out 20% of my salary and transferred immediately to my passbook savings account, another 10% to my “escape fund” while the remaining 70% was where I charged my daily expenses to. I logged all these to my “finances notebook”, and listed my daily purchases too. It wasn’t really a walk in the park transition.

The intricate details of my notebook just have to make their online debut (Teehee!) Also, don’t judge my net worth.


The “escape fund” is my extra savings that can be borrowed for on-the-spot purchases or travel, but has to be returned. I decided to have it so it won’t be hard to produce money when I need it. Also, it will serve as a firewall for my passbook savings as well! It’s the one that should remain untouched, no matter what!

There’s also the daily budget section in my notebook. This way, I am informed if I have already overspent! I must admit that I still need to work on this part. As in, I seriously suck at it! My records show that most days I go negative but I strongly believe that I will eventually learn to comply. #TiwalaLang


I’m on my third deposit this coming payday and I swear it’s not just about mere financial freedom, it’s also about gaining trust from yourself. The ease of knowing that you’re no longer zero-zero adds up to the self-esteem, and to a modern, empowered woman, it’s one of the most important things!

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