I’ve been labeled as the girl with itchy feet, a walking GPS, but I take that as compliments. I like going out for new discoveries to feed my mind and keep it going. But the destination is not just what is important to me, the journey itself is something that I take note of, too. That’s the science behind my knowledge of directions! I see to it that I observe every street that I pass by, so I won’t cry when it seems like I don’t know where to go. Say whaaaat?! I’m totally out of topic! But I know I really wanted to say that though. Hihi.

Anyway, I was going to say that Ian and I have always wanted to set foot on the long stretch of Maginhawa Street, and I’m so glad that yesterday, we finally did! It took a while after long months of planning, you know that I live in the far south and Quezon City is 360 degrees away from my territory. The trip was so worth it, I felt like I was back in college! It felt like a field trip, honestly.

So we walked along Teachers’, Sikatuna and UP Villages to find the food we wanted to stuff in our tummies. We’re aware that there are a lot (as in A LOT) of selections in the area and we wanted to check and try everything! There’s just too many we couldn’t decide!

Finally I glanced upon The Daily Jusa, which looked familiar from afar and when we went closer, I recognized it as the juice and salad bar from Instagram! It was so timely because I just went back to the gym last week and I really want to push this fitness goals of mine so I’m trying to eat healthy as of late. I’ve been wanting to try these cleansing juices but I never really had the chance to. I find the sets kind of pricey so until now I am still in search for the cheapest detox juices. Since it was already in front of me, I decided to give The Daily Jusa a try!



Their store looks like Snow White’s and the seven dwarfs’ home! I don’t know how or why but it’s how I see it. Probably because of the trees planted in front of the store. You know me, I always tend to correlate things to other things so that it’s easier for the person I’m talking to to picture it out.

Since it was my first time, I asked for their best-sellers. I want my first time to be a good experience so I would have reasons to come back!

I got the Summer Delight detox juice and Pad Honey salad!



The juice was good, it’s probably something that I can intake for a while, when I finally give in to the juicing trend (translation: when I found the cheapest detox juices)!

I liked the salad! I liked the mix of the romaine lettuce, pear, honey and almonds! The honey vinaigrette was perfect for the mix, its sour taste is love!

I really enjoyed the healthy meal! I can now trust myself to fully embrace this “healthy living” state of my mind and body! I know I can stand up for this! Haha, fight!


The Daily Jusa
111A Maginhawa St., Teachers’ Village,
Quezon City
Instagram: @thedailyjusa
Contact: 09178110769

I will be posting the other restaurants that we have tried in Maginhawa in the coming days so stay tuned! Yes, we tried more than one! Of course we had to maximize the time because it took long before we finally got the chance to spend the weekend at the area. So yeah, a micro segment for this street alone!

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